Harry Styles Goes Solo

Hey everyone! Today I wanted to write about something a little different. If you didn't already know, Harry Styles, former boyband heartthrob from One Direction, has gone solo and released a brand new single titled "Sign of the Times." I was going to just do a review of the new track, but Styles performed on Saturday Night Live last night and performed a second new track. I figured I would review the performance and the two new songs, so buckle in.

To begin with, I caught myself being shocked that Styles could act. This has nothing to do with his performances, but he was in a Celebrity Family Feud skit where he played Mick Jagger. Styles might have been over the top with his imitation, but it was funny and scarily accurate. Then I remembered he was cast in a Christopher Nolan film, so I guess it makes sense the boy can act.

When it came to his performance though, I was pleasantly surprised again. Styles' voice sounded so strong and confident. In the future, his voice needs to be a bit stronger when it comes to his falsetto, but it seems that he has been working on his technique, and it's paying off. "Sign of the Times" is a hard song to sing, but he does it justice. There were a few vocal cracks that marred the otherwise good performance, but it showed Styles' passion and emotion. It was a great first performance, and I think Styles might have made some new fans whose masculinity was too fragile to like a boy band.

The song itself is something I really enjoy. It is very David Bowie-esque and mainly just screams 80s rock. It's a slow ballad, but picks up some steam with huge guitars and Styles reaching vocals. It's not a song you want on repeat forever, but its over five minute length never sounds forced or too long. My favorite part is the end when Styles laments "we've got to get away." It's an epic ending to a great song. There's nothing like this on the radio right now, so I applaud Styles for going against the grain especially for a debut solo single.

The second performance of the night was shorter in comparison to "Sign of the Times," but I really fell in love with the second song. It's more of the style of music I like first of all, and Styles just sounded more at ease singing it. He also played the guitar which he's never done live, so that was really cool to see that Styles is not only growing as a singer but also as a musician. The track "Ever Since New York" is a heavy guitar based number with sounds more reminiscent of the Eagles or early 70s rock. It's another ballad, but it's so captivating that you don't get bored. It's also relatively short, being under two minutes, so I wish the track could have went on a little longer, but beggars can't be choosers.

All in all, I enjoyed both of the performances a lot, and Styles proved that one day he could even host SNL, not just be the musical guest. I'm super excited to see what his new album is going to sound like, and I'm anxious to see how his new solo career will turn out.

Harry Styles' debut album comes out May 12th worldwide.


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