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Hi guys! Sorry for the brief and unexpected hiatus. Between moving back to the states from London and going right back into starting a new semester, life has been quite hectic, but I should be back to regular posting. This will be my last Monday post, as I'm going back to my usual Friday time slot with a short post probably Tuesday or Wednesday. So look out next Friday for a new post!

Although 2017 pretty much just started, I wanted to talk today about my favorite new music that has come out so far this year. I tried to pick some diverse tracks and albums, so hopefully you can find something you like.

1. The Garden // Kari Jobe

Kari Jobe always just puts out music that speaks to you. This whole new album is so powerful and spiritual. Comparing this one to her previous, this album has longer and more drawn out tracks that really just pull you into the music. This is one of those records where I'm not just picking and choosing songs. You have to listen to this album through to really grasp the message and power of the record.

2. Hopeless Romantic // Michelle Branch

When I found out Michelle Branch was making new music after around seven years of silence, I screamed. Like an actual shout. I positively adored Branch back in the early 2000s, and I have always wanted her to make a comeback. This new song doesn't sound quite like the Branch I used to know and love, but it sounds like an evolution. It's been so long it would be quite weird if Branch came out with music sounding the exact same. I like the direction this song takes, and I'm excited to hear the full album.

3. Believer // Imagine Dragons

I used to love Imagine Dragons. Their first album was one of the first vinyl records I ever bought, and I would listen to it on repeat constantly. Then I kind of fell off the fan bandwagon. I think it's time to get back on. This song is an immediate hit. With such a catchy (and shouty) chorus, one can't help but sing along. This song made me a believer, and I see this track becoming a huge radio hit.

4. Stay in the Dark // The Band Perry

I'm not the biggest fan of country music anymore. There are certain artists and bands that I usually like, and The Band Perry is one of them. This song does not sound like country in the slightest. I don't know if they're taking a page out of Taylor Swift's book, but it sounds like they're trying to go pop. A lot of country artists have been trying to get into other genres lately like Sam Hunt and Florida Georgia Line, so it's not completely unheard of. I quite like this song too, so maybe they are onto something.

5. My Old Man // Mac Demarco

This song confused me at first because I though it was going to be a techno track, but then the guitar comes in. This song is such a casual and slow track, but it's relaxing and soothing. It's a song you listen to at a coffee shop while leaning back and drinking your soy latte. I really love the lyrics in this song, and Mac Demarco always sounds great.

6. Wanderlust // Hollow Cove

I just discovered this band, and I'm absolutely in love. Wanderlust is their first EP, and it's a shame they don't have more music. Every song on this EP is beautiful though. They remind me of a mix of Ben Howard and Kodaline, which if you know me at all, that's like a perfect combination. I can't wait to hear more of their music, but for now this EP is going to be on repeat for awhile.

7. CRZY // Kehlani

I put this specific Kehlani song, but if I'm to be honest, her whole new album is great. I love this song because Kehlani is just so unashamedly herself on this track. The lyrics scream confident, the chorus is infectious and the vocals are on point. I see this album blowing up soon. I already can't stop listening. Other great tracks are "Distraction" and "Escape".


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