2017 is Already Off To a Great Start

Hi guys! Hope you all had a great new year! I know 2016 was universally bad for multiple reasons, but I have exciting news. 2017 has already been considered the best year ever...just kidding...kind of. The reason I'm already excited for the year to come is because Ed Sheeran is finally releasing new music! *cue screams*

Now if you've read basically any of my blog posts, you know that I'm obsessed with Sheeran. My all-time favorite song is an Ed Sheeran classic (Give Me Love). Now I figured he was releasing new music, but I thought it was going to be back in the fall. Last December, Sheeran posted on all of his social media platforms that he was taking a break for awhile, writing a new album, and that he would come back later in the year.

Well that did not quite happen, but instead Sheeran took a full year off of social media, and he posted a picture with just the color blue exactly a year after he left. A few days after this, he posted a video on snapchat of him staring at the camera blinking for a couple seconds and then nothing till yesterday. Sheeran posted another short video clip, but this time he was holding up a quickly made sign that stated that new music would be coming from him on Friday. So again *cue screams*. Then he sent out one final tweet giving us a quick hint about the album title and that it would come out at midnight ET. 

I wanted to make a quick post before Friday talking about what we know about the upcoming album, and what I would like to see on the new record. So let's get into it.

First of all, what do we know?

1. I'm assuming the record cover will be blue. Sheeran's debut album was bright orange, and the sophomore one was green.

2. According to Sheeran's latest tweet, I'm going to also assume this album will be called divide. Sheeran's debut album was titled Plus, then the latest one was called Multiply.
3. According to the BBC, "little is known about the record, but the star recently registered several songs with his publisher, with titles like 21st Century Fox, Sure and Fall." So we could be seeing some of those songs on the album.

Now on to what I would like to see

1. Ed Sheeran always kind of pushes the boundaries when it comes to his music. I remember seeing a lot of angry fans when Multiply came out because it wasn't the slow, acoustic sounds we were all used to hearing. Yeah songs like "One" and "Tenerife Sea" delivered some of that, but songs like "Don't" and "Bloodstream" were too much for people. I sort of hope that happens again. I think Sheeran is at his best when he pushes the envelope a little bit.

2. I want some good lyrics. One of the main things I love about Sheeran's music is his lyrics, so I'm already expecting some good quality words when I take a listen.

3. I want diversity. Like I said before, Sheeran is good when he changes things up. The fact that he can pull off multiple genres is an impressive feat, and I hope that is explored more fully on this record.

Now I'm going to make a lot longer of a post when Sheeran's new stuff is finally released, but until then I thought I would just keep you guys all up to date on what's happening. Until Friday, why don't you refresh your memory with Sheeran's last album. Listen below and have a good week!


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