December Playlist

Hi guys! For today, I wanted to recommend some songs to listen to this December that aren't necessarily Christmas songs. Some of these tracks might just be songs that I'm listening to at the moment, but a lot of these are also perfect winter tunes. So sit back, relax, and enjoy.

1. Wait For It // Leslie Odom Jr.
This past month I've really gotten into the musical Hamilton. I know I'm like a year late, but sue me. I had listened to some of the tracks in the past, but these past few weeks I've really delved deep. I think I can honestly say, that "Wait For It" is my favorite track from the musical (it changes daily though). I also think this song is perfect for the month of December. It's a powerful and emotional ballad that makes one reflective while listening. If this song doesn't make you feel something, then I'll be shocked.

2. Blue Bucket of Gold // Gallant ft. Sufjan Stevens
If you didn't listen to some song of Sufjan Stevens during December, did you even listen to music? Probably not. Also Gallant could sing anything, and I'd be impressed.

3. Bloodline // The Slow Show
This is one of my new favorite songs. My friend introduced me to The Slow Show, and I might be obsessed. Oh well. The lead singer of the band, Rob Goodwin, has a voice that's a combination of Marcus Mumford and Mike Donehey. The song "Bloodline" is a smooth and comforting acoustic track. It's a good tune for a lazy day in.

4. Penthouse Floor // John Legend ft. Chance the Rapper
This track has more of a quicker beat, but John Legend and Chance bring a lively and velvety tone to the song.

5. On Hold // The XX
I'm so excited The XX are back, and this song is perfect for this time of the year. This is one of those tracks that's really good for late night listening. If you listen to the lyrics though, this song is a little sad. If you are that person to dwell on your melancholy while looking out the window as the snow falls (I'm not saying this from experience), then this is probably a song you start with. It's not completely slow and sad though, so even if that's not your thing, take a listen.

6. Versace on the Floor // Bruno Mars
I feel like Bruno Mars might be the only guy who could sing this song without sounding creepy. 

7. Back Around // Olly Murs
This song does not really go with the previous tracks. This is a pure pop song, but I thought it fit on this list for multiple reasons. First of all, I think the theme is fitting for this time of year. I don't know about you guys, but I feel like the end of the year makes me really introspective and look back on all of the things that have happened in the year previous. In the song, Murs is looking back on a past love and lamenting about it. I also just really love this song and album, so it's on the list.

8. Lavender // Two Door Cinema Club
This song is more fun than some of the more gloomy tracks on this list, so enjoy.

9. Sweet Love of Mine // Joy Williams
It's probably no shock if you've been a longtime reader of this blog, that I love The Civil Wars and was crushed when they parted ways. Thankfully even though the duo split up, they are still making music. Williams voice is one of my favorites because it's so haunting and shaky yet controlled. This song is one of my favorites from her. Listen to the acoustic version also! In my opinion, it's better than the original.

10. Wasting My Young Years // London Grammar
This song has been on my sleep and chill playlist for a good year now. It's always a good track to listen to during this time of year.

11. This Town // Niall Horan
I have to admit this track grew on me. It's still not my favorite, and I'm happy to report that Horan said the rest of his upcoming album will be more up tempo, but it's a solid song. This song represents the word nostalgia to a tee, and it's acoustic sound makes it a great addition to this list. I'm also still really impressed with how solid and strong Horan's voice sounds on the track.

12. Mercy // Shawn Mendes
Check out his SNL performance and get back to me.

13. Take It All // Ruelle
I talk about Ruelle so much. I would say sorry, but I'm really not. Any Ruelle song is really perfect for the month of December, but I think this song is a little less intense than a few of her other tracks. It's a shorter song, but it packs an emotional punch. If you're feeling quite dramatic this holiday season, this song might be for you.

14. Long Way From Home // The Lumineers
Any Lumineers song is good for this time of year, so you can't really go wrong.

15. BoRdErS // Zayn
This is not only my favorite Zayn song, but it's also one of my favorite songs to listen to when it gets colder outside. The only way I can think to describe this song is it's a slow jam. I've talked about this song multiple times on this blog, so I won't bore you with the details, but I'll just say that if you haven't listened to this track yet, then I don't know what you are waiting for.

16. Say You Won't Let Go // James Arthur
James Arthur has the voice of an angel, and this song makes me cry every time, so it's perfect if you get in a sappy mood during December.

17. Magnetized // Tom Odell
Tom Odell is another artist where I probably could have put any of his songs on this list, but this is one of my favorites from his new record. This song is mainly about a relationship, where one feels love while the other feels nothing. I don't know why I put so many sad songs on this list, but I just think they fit better for this time of year. Especially listen to the acoustic version of this track, you'll shed a tear or two believe me.

18. Nobody Like You // Little Mix
This track is one of the ballads on Little Mix's new album. It's also one of my favorites on the record.

19. Atlas Hands // Benjamin Francis Leftwich
This song is an oldie but a goodie. This track comes from the album The Last Smoke Before the Snowstorm, so if that doesn't scream winter than I don't know what does. In all seriousness though, this album is my ultimate relaxing music, especially this song. Leftwich has one of the most calming voices I have ever heard, and I can just imagine this song playing while one is drinking hot chocolate by a fire. It's like the quintessential winter song.

20. Black Flies // Ben Howard
I had to throw Ben in here. I have to admit my name is Bethany, and I don't think I've ever made a playlist without putting Ben Howard on the list.

So that's that. Here are some great songs to get you through the month of December (I still recommend listening to some Christmas tracks though). There are some slow and tranquil tracks, while others have more of a beat and rhythm to them. Hopefully you can find something you like. Listen below:


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