Jack Garratt

Hey guys! Today I wanted to talk about the Jack Garratt concert I went to last week. It was great first of all because I haven't been able to go to a concert since July, so I needed my fix. It was also in London, so that's pretty cool. It was probably the weirdest concert I've ever been to though, so let me explain.

To begin with, there were two opening acts. The first opening act, Seramic, I was really into. The main singer had a voice that was a mix of John Newman and Hozier. Some songs had a folky tone while others were more funky or gospel sounding. Unfortunately, the sound system for the band was terrible and a lot of their sound got distorted. I was still excited to check them out when I got home though, and the band retweeted me on Twitter which was pretty cool.

The next act was Gallant. This guy could sing. Like he had such amazing control over his falsetto that I was thoroughly impressed. I wasn't as captivated by his performance as I was with Seramic, but that might have been because I was getting impatient for Jack more than he was a terrible performer.

After Gallant was done, Jack came out, and then the weird part occurred. At every other concert I've been to in my life when the main act comes out, everyone stands up. It doesn't matter if you have an actual seat; you stand up. No one stood. No one even really danced. It was super strange. Over the course of the concert, some people stood and even I did, but it was weird.

Anyways, Jack was amazing. He was like a one man band. I thought Ed Sheeran was great with a loop pedal, but Jack was in a whole other realm. He played the piano, guitar and drums, and he sang. Just his vocals were impressive, but the fact that he played all the music to his tracks too was insane. My only problem with his performance was that it wasn't longer. Unfortunately though, Jack only has one album out at the moment, so his set wasn't the longest, but it was fantastic. I would for sure see him again.

The things I care about when I go to a concert are that the person is a good performer, and that they can actually sing well. Jack accomplished both of those things, so I was a happy camper. Go check out his album now because believe me it's worth it.


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