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Just forewarning you this post is not meant to be a political post, but unless you have been living under a rock, you know that this past week Donald Trump won the US presidential election. I've seen a lot of opinions from both sides. I've seen a lot of hurt and scared people wanting answers. I've seen a lot of hatred and racism. I don't know what the answer to all of these issues is. I definitely have my own opinions, but this is neither the time nor the place to share them. I just figured since I've seen so many people upset over the past week, I would try to bring some positivity into the mix. Music affects my mood more than anything else, so here's a list of songs I listen to when I need a pick me up.

1. My Shot // From the musical Hamilton

Okay this song is relevant to the present situation, and I also don't know anyone who could listen to Lin-Manuel Miranda and not smile. If you haven't heard of Hamilton, the main premise is that it's a musical that goes through the lives of the founding fathers (mainly Alexander Hamilton), and it deals with their story using rap and hip hop. It's amazing and definitely different. This song specifically is on the list because it talks about not giving up.

2. Future Looks Good // OneRepublic

Well the title of this track kind of makes it obvious, but this song is very optimistic. I think we could all use a bit of optimism at the moment. This song is especially great for millennials. I shudder at the name, as it is now synonymous with laziness and ignorance, but I use it in this context; millennials are the future, and that excites me. I'm excited to see what our generation is going to, and this song just shows that the future looks good. Hopefully that is the case.

3. The Greatest // Sia ft. Kendrick Lamar

This song should make you smile just because it is Sia and Kendrick Lamar, but I think the lyrics are really the most positive and uplifting part of the track. Sia sings about never giving up because she could be the greatest. I'm not saying that that's a great metaphor for our country (but that's a great metaphor for our country). We should never give up fighting for what we believe in. We should never give in, because our country could always be improved and made better.

4. Higher // Carly Rae Jepsen

This song is more of a love song, but it still has a powerful and emotional meaning. Jepsen talks about a lover who pulls her out of a dark, depressing place. It's a lovely message, as she explains how all her fears are gone and how she finally feels safe. I think we all want to find that place where our fears are assuaged, so I think this song could be helpful to listen to at the moment. It's a reminder that things could be better soon.

5. Move // Saint Motel

So I love Saint Motel. Realistically any of their songs could be on this list because every track has an infectious and positive beat that just makes you want to get up and dance. I specifically put this song on the list though because it talks about wanting something and getting up and moving in order to accomplish this task. I think that's a perfect message for today's society. If we want a change in our society and government, we have to be the ones to get up and move. We need to do something.

6. Hallelujah // Alicia Keys

This song might be more sad, and maybe I should have put a different track on this list, but hear me out. First of all, any Alicia Keys song makes me happy because I admire her so much. I think this song has a hopeful message to it though too. She's begging to be let in, and the song takes on a religious meaning. She wants to go to a place where her tears will be wiped away and where someone will protect her. I think that's something we can all relate to.

7. Brand New // Ben Rector

I almost did not put this song on here, because the radio almost ruined it for me. Unfortunately that's what happens when you drive a car all summer, and the only working thing in the car is the radio. I thought this track exemplified the point of this whole list though. I remember every time this song would pop up on the radio that I would turn the volume up all the way and roll down my windows and sing to my heart's content. It's an exciting and relatable message as well. We all desire to feel brand new.

8. Raise Hell // Sir the Baptist ft. ChurchPeople

This song is fun. This is a song about someone who has just given up caring. They're sick of doing the 9-5 thing, and they just want to go out and "raise hell." Also the beat to this song makes it impossible to sit in your seat. If you are ever in a really bad funk, I promise you will not be after you listen to this track.

9. Love Myself // Hailee Steinfield

This is the ultimate self-care song. It's all about loving yourself and taking care of yourself above all others. I think we could all stand to hear that more often. I always hear people say it is selfish to put yourself above others, but I don't think that's the case all of the time. I recommend taking a break from life sometimes and just putting this track on repeat.

10. I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me) // Whitney Houston

The ultimate jam. I love Whitney Houston with my entire being, so of course she has to go on my positivity playlist. I know it's pretty obvious to say, but this song really makes you want to dance. It's not only an iconic song, but it's an overwhelmingly positive one. Houston talks about wanting to chase her blues away, and how dancing with somebody who loves her will get rid of her loneliness. Now that might not be entirely true, but this song really does make you want to go find your own dance partner.

Now this list isn't even half of my playlist, but I figured I would put the rest on Spotify for you guys to listen to. Take a listen, and hopefully it will brighten your days just a bit. Thanks for reading!


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