24K Magic

Hi guys! So today's post is an exciting one because Bruno Mars just realized a new album, which came out officially on November 17th. This is his first album in almost four years, and it was highly anticipated after this year's Super Bowl performance. I mentioned in an earlier post that he previously released a single and the title track for the album, 24K Magic. I also mentioned that I was not a huge fan of it. It was a fun song, but my first impression was not the greatest. Since then the tune has grown on me, but I'm happy to say that the rest of the album has made a bigger impact on me.

The album is filled with dozens of 80s and 90s influences. Mars is trying to bring back old school pop with classic jams like "Chunky" and "That's What I Like". With many of the songs having big and vibrant hooks, Mars accomplishes the task of creating a catchy yet relevant collection of tracks. "Versace on the Floor" is a slower song on the album, but it showcases Mars' incredible vocal chops. Although the album still falls under the pop genre, it is quite different from Mars' previous albums. This album leans more on the pop side that has undertones of funk and RnB, while his previous records could be described as soft pop and more radio friendly. 

Mars might have taken awhile to produce the album, but it also seems like he reinvented and bettered his sound. The only complaint that I have with this record is that it is so short. I was excited to hear Mars was finally coming out with new music, but while listening to it the other day I was confused as to why a song was already repeating itself till I realized the track list consisted of only nine songs. I had hoped to hear more from Mars after such a lengthy hiatus, but hopefully this just means there is more music coming soon. I look forward to hearing it.

Tracks to Check Out: "Chunky", "Perm", "That's What I Like"
Tracks to Skip: "24K Magic"


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