Mad Love Album Review

Hi guys! Today's post is going to be a track by track review of Jojo's new album Mad Love. I'll also give you my final thoughts at the end, but let's begin.

1. Music

This is one of my two favorite tracks on the record. It's a ballad, which might be weird to begin an album with, but it's a perfect love letter to music, while also mentioning Jojo's troubled childhood filled with addiction and losing her father. She mentions that music has always been there for her, and she wonders who she would be without it. It's an emotional rollercoaster of a song, and it also really makes you feel for Jojo since she had a 7-year legal battle with her old label just to make this album.

2. I Can Only (Ft. Alessia Cara)

This song grows on you. It also shows Jojo's maturity. The last time she released an album she was a teenager. Now she's older, and as the song plainly states, "I can only do what I wanna do." Alessia Cara only adds to the song and complements Jojo's voice very well. Jojo's age also shines through while talking about drinking and smoking in the song. She's not making songs for teeny boppers anymore, but she's still making hits.

3. F*** Apologies (Ft. Wiz Khalifa)

It's catchy, but not the best first single, especially once you hear all of the other hits on the record. This song gets across the new edginess and attitude of Jojo, but the lyrics are lackluster and the melody is basic. I also really don't like Wiz Khalifa, but that's just me.

4. FAB (Ft. Remy Ma)

The only other song I don't like on the record is the other single. That's rough. This song just does nothing for me. Again it's catchy, but the lyrics are so dumb and at times cringeworthy. I don't even mind the beat, but I cannot get past the lyrics. Sorry Jojo.

5. Mad Love

The title track is a different sound from what you hear from the beginning of the album, and it's a welcome change. Jojo's falsetto is center stage during the chorus, but during the verses you get to hear some of the rich low notes that Jojo can also hit. It might surprise people who didn't know before, but this girl can sing, and her range is not half bad. The vocals are definitely the highlight on this tune.

6. Vibe

First of all, if you don't dance to this song the first time you hear it then you're not human. This would be a great next single. This is the sound that Jojo needs to keep and stick with. It's sassy, and has lyrics that feature themes like girl power. This is a track that will be stuck in your head by the second listen.

7. Honest

This song starts off slow and sweet. It sounds like a ballad, but then the lyrics become biting and bitter. Jojo repeats, "You left me cold." It sounds as if another song then starts, but it's the same track. It's really nice to see Jojo playing around with sound, and it tells a story. She begins with saying how a relationship can turn bad, then the rest of the song is her being "honest" about her feelings. It's a creative and vivid picture that is painted. Also the song is so so so catchy.

8. Like This

This is my second favorite song on the album. This is Jojo embracing her RnB sound and doing it justice. It's sensual and captivating, and again so catchy. Jojo's vocals also shine, and it's important to listen closely to all of her amazing ad-libs. When you first listen through this record, this will be one of the songs that stick out. This would also not be a bad choice for another single.

9. Edibles

This is the slow, slinky jam that kind of creeps up on you. By no means is it a standout hit from the record, but it also is by no means a filler song. Jojo hits those high breathy notes in the chorus spot on, and if you couldn't tell by the title, this song is definitely more mature. But apart from the subject, the song also shows Jojo's growth, and it is raw and passionate.

10. High Heels

This track is amazing. Forgetting everything else at the moment, please look up the lyrics to this song. Jojo shows she doesn't care about any man with lyrics like, "Put my black dress on boy you've done me wrong" and "Now you don't know what you don't have until it's walking in some red stilettos." This song is Jojo unashamedly not caring, and it's infectious. This will probably be a song you play before a night out with the girls.

11. I Am

This is the other ballad on the record, and it's the song that probably best showcases Jojo's vocal chops. It's emotional because everyone can relate to times where they've thought they weren't worthy of love or strong enough. My favorite lyric is, "Cause it feels like I'm not anything at all. I am, I am, I am, I am beautiful." The song fittingly ends with those lyrics, and it gives one a sense of empowerment.

12. Clovers

This a more modern sounding song. While some of the songs on this album have a lot of 90s and early 2000s RnB sounds, parts of this track sound like EDM. The great part is though it still sounds like Jojo. Jojo experiments not only in the song, but throughout the whole record, while still keeping true to herself as an artist.

13. Reckless

This song is different, but only in theme. While the majority of the tracks on this record are positive or blaming of someone else in a relationship, this one is the opposite. Jojo apologizes for being "reckless" with someone's heart. The song is regretful and deprecatory, and it's a good change of tone without being too repetitive.

14. Good Thing

When first listening to this song, you'll have thought you had time traveled. This song really takes from early 2000s sounds, and Jojo uses them to her advantage. With big, belting vocals and heavy and loud beats, this song is overwhelming but in the best possible way. There's even a slow breakdown for the bridge that just keeps building till the finale of the song. It's a fun track from start to finish.

15. Rise Up

This is the last track on Mad Love. I think the theme is a great one to end on. Jojo pleads to her anonymous lover to rise up to conquer the issues that their love encounters. It's a positive and uplifting end to an album filled with not only love but heartbreak. I'm not too into the sound of this one, but the message is lovely and Jojo ends her comeback on a positive note.

So that's that. Overall, I really enjoyed the album even though I had my doubts. Jojo released III (or Tringle) back in 2015, which featured three singles. I actually wrote a review of it (which you can find here), and in that review I mentioned how I loved every song. The track "Save My Soul" is actually one of my favorite songs of all time, so I was expecting a lot with this new album. Then I heard the first two songs that Jojo released as singles, and I was disappointed. I was still excited for the album, but that excitement was dampened. Barring the two singles, I really loved this album though. In another one of my older posts, I mentioned that if Jojo released music nowadays I think she would be really popular, and I think I'm still correct in my assumption. I love the musical and vocal risks Jojo took on this record, and I definitely see a lot of these songs becoming hits.


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