Perfect Albums

There's no such thing as a perfect album. I actually believe that the word perfect can't describe anything. Nothing is without flaw, but before I get you too depressed let me explain what I mean by the "perfect album". When I say the perfect album, I am talking about an album where I love every single song on the record. This is way harder then it may sound. When I was first thinking about making a post about this I only had two albums in mind. I figured I couldn't make a post just about two albums, but I had a really difficult time thinking of other artists. My conditions were as follows:

1. An album where I could listen to the whole thing through (No skipping!)
2. An album where I genuinely liked every track
3. An album I believed was a cohesive and complete gathering of songs

So yeah it was difficult. My choices might seem weird to others, but let me say this. Just because these albums are so called "perfect albums" doesn't mean they are my favorite artists or cntain my favorite songs. A lot of my favorite artists did not even crack this list because there are one or two songs that I just don't like. I will say Ed Sheeran and Carrie Underwood will not be making this list. I know it's a shocker. Before you begin know that each album has a Spotify link as usual, but with each Spotify link, I've tried to pull my favorite songs from each album. You should definitely listen to the full albums if you have the time though. With that very long disclaimer, let's get started!

1. Ariana Grande // Dangerous Woman

So yeah, this is one of the albums I started with. I know you're probably asking yourself why, and you're probably about to exit out of my blog, but guys this album is so good. Like so good. I've talked about this album before, so if you want a more in-depth review just scroll down. Now I used to hate Ariana Grande. I was actually really annoyed with her music. I would sing along on the radio, but nothing really got my attention. Until this album. I definitely have my favorites to listen to on this record, but I will listen to every song happily and enthusiastically. Nothing gets me more pumped than "Into You", and nothing makes me want to dance more than "Greedy". Every song is so different and unique. Every song is so well-produced and the vocals on this record are killer. Even if you're not an Ariana Grande fan, if you're a fan of good and fun music, you will like this album.

2. Ben Howard // Every Kingdom

Although some of my favorite artists aren't on this list, I had to put Ben Howard. Howard's second album isn't my favorite, but Every Kingdom is what made me fall in love with Howard in the first place. Every Kingdom is way more upbeat than the following record, and to me the songs are just catchier. I could listen to the song "The Wolves" at any point in the day, and the song "The Fear" is probably one of my favorite songs on this planet. Every song on this record is amazing lyrically, and Howard somehow stands out in a genre that's becoming increasingly popular (See: Hipster guys with guitars). Somehow Howard writes music that can just transport you. "Old Pine" reminds me of nature and being up North, while "Black Flies" reminds me of sitting by a window on a rainy day reading a book. His songs are able to convey so much, and I can honestly say every song on this record I am completely in love with.

3. Hozier // Hozier

This is another guy that has somehow stood out in a popular genre. Hozier has one of the coolest voices I have ever heard, and it's perfect for the music he produces. The music Hozier produces has many folk and gospel undertones, and yet each song is so different from the other. I almost didn't put this album on the list because I have to admit there are a few songs on the record that I skip, but it is just because when this album first came out I listened to it so often that I grew tired of certain tracks. But after not listening to this record for a short while, I can say that I still love every song. Will there every be a song sweeter than "Cherry Wine"? (That was a pun by the way). Will there ever be a song more fun than "Jackie and Wilson"? There is a song for everyone on this record, yet I don't think the album feels disjointed or all over the place. When this record first came out, it was one of my favorites. Now it's two years later, and I still feel the same way.

4. Little Mix // Salute

This album makes me so happy yet also bittersweet at the same time. I love this record, but I hate (somewhat) the album that follows this one. I'm going to rant for a second. Forgive me. When this record first came out, I was obsessed. I loved the girl power message that came from songs like "Salute" and "Little Me", but then Little Mix released Get Weird, and I only really liked a handful of songs on the record. For me, this album was flawless, while the next one was anything but. But let's focus on Salute because this record is a thing of beauty. Like I said, the girl power message woven throughout the record was enough to get me hooked, but then Little Mix threw in insane vocals in songs like "About the Boy" and "Boy", and then I was pretty much hooked for life. This album came out three years ago, and I still find myself coming back to these songs. Half of them are on my workout playlist, and the other half are on my cry playlist. This record is versatile, incredible, and pretty darn close to perfect for me.

5. Troye Sivan // Blue Neighborhood

This album was the inspiration behind this list. I put this last specifically because I saved the best for last. If I had to name one album where genuinely every song makes me happy, I would pick this one. I didn't expect to get this attached to a dude I barely know who was basically famous for being a YouTube star, but Sivan's music is addicting. I usually get excited when I hear my favorite artists on the radio, but I heard Sivan's song "Wild" the other day, and I screamed while driving. Everyone probably thought I was crazy, but I just love listening to his music. There's something really unique about Sivan, and I think modern pop music was missing this sound. For Blue Neighborhood being a debut album, I am always shocked. It sounds seasoned. The lyrics aren't typical, and the topic of love is used, but not in a way that is seen all the time. This album is one of those where I can sit down and listen to the whole thing through and not get bored in the slightest. It's engaging and a breath of fresh air. I don't think I will ever be able to say enough good things about this record. Check Sivan out if you like good music (even if you don't, check him out).

Do any of you have so called "perfect albums"? I would love to hear what other people believe to be an album full of 100% good songs. If you have any suggestions or even disagree with my choices here, let me know in the comments or contact me on social media. I'm always up for discussion. Have a good week!


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