The 22 Best Early 2000s Songs

Everyone always likes to talk about the great eras of music. For my generation, people like to think music was greatest in the 90s. While the 90s did generate so many amazing and iconic tracks, a lot of people forget that early 2000s music was pretty darn spectacular as well. When I think of early 2000s music, I definitely think of some iconic pop stars.

While I also think of the start of reality television, including one of the most successful singing competitions ever.

All in all, the 90s were fun, but so were those first few years in the 2000s. So here are my top 22 songs from the early 2000s. These are not in any particular order, so take a listen to them all. *Warning: This next part will cause increased feelings of nostalgia*

1. The Call (2000)

This is the best Backstreet Boys' song. Don't fight me on this. Between the infectious beat and amazing harmonies, this one is one to listen to on repeat. For days. Probably my favorite boyband number ever.

2. It's Gonna Be Me (2000)

I couldn't talk about one iconic boyband and not talk about the other one (even if they aren't as good as BSB). This song is so popular that even after 16 years, this song is still a meme. It's one of the greater NSYNC songs, and it's probably because Justin Timberlake sings the majority of it.

3. Bootylicious (2001)

I'll admit I really love this song partly because of the reason that it's my go to karaoke song, but it also is just a great track. This song continues to influence current music, like the song "Brave Honest Beautiful" by Fifth Harmony. To still be influencing other's work more than a decade later is pretty cool.

4. Yeah! (2004)

This song takes me back to middle school and high school dances. I still remember every word, and in my humble opinion, Usher has never made a better song than this. What a jam.

5. Lady Marmalade (2001)

THIS SONG. This song is literally my life. For a girl who likes great vocals and strong women, this song kills me everytime. It's honestly so iconic. From the music video to the live performance of this track, nothing can top this. So great.

6. She Will Be Loved (2002)

This will always be one of the most iconic Maroon 5 songs. Everyone knows the words. I don't care if you don't like Maroon 5; you probably still know the words to this song.

7. Crazy in Love (2003)

As much as I love Destiny's Child, I'm also so thankful Beyoncé went solo. This song is amazing. It's still one of my favorite Beyoncé tracks because it is so catchy. Also it's cute to watch the video and look at young Jay-Z and Beyoncé together.

8. Smooth (2000)

I still love this song so much. It's kind of one of those songs you forget about because who really thinks about Rob Thomas and Santana that much. No one really. But I bet if you play this song for anybody, they'll start singing along. One of those classics.

9. Say My Name (2000)

So Destiny's Child is back on the list. I can't help it. I would have put this whole album, but I have self control. Kind of. This song is one of the greats though, and it also features the OG Destiny's Child. This song also features of the best choruses ever in my opinion.

10. Amazed (2000)

Can anyone listen to this song and not cry? It's the classic romance song. It's adorable, and it's old country which I love a bit more than some of the modern country songs. Even people who don't like country music, probably secretly enjoy this song.

11. Fallin' (2001)

My girl Alicia. You need to give Alicia Keys props because this girl can sing. I don't think anyone can do this song justice because between the vocals and the emotion Keys gives throughout the song, it's kind of hard to replicate. This is one of those songs that I totally forgot about, but now that I'm listening to it, I can't stop.

12. A Moment Like This (2002)

I remember watching Kelly Clarkson sing this live. My mom would let me stay up late and vote for Kelly on American Idol. As a young girl obsessed with music, American Idol was one of my favorite shows, and no other winners except for maybe another girl on this list has been more influential or successful than Clarkson. And this song started it all.

13. Lose Yourself (2002)

Now you would think being from Detroit that I would love Eminem. I sort of do? He's kind of a terrible person, but you cannot grow up where I'm from and not know all of the words to this song. I've seen 8 Mile too many times, but I will always rap along to this song if it comes on the radio. It's pretty memorable.

14. Hollaback Girl (2005)

This is the only Gwen Stefani song that I can tolerate. This is another one that most people know all the words to. If someone didn't know this song, I'd be shocked.

15. Gold Digger (2005)

Ah Kanye. Well no matter what opinion you have of this guy, you have to admit this is a great song. Most people can picture the music video in their heads, and everyone has to admit that singing the Jamie Foxx part is really fun.

16. SexyBack (2006)

This is another person that I'm glad went solo. Honestly Justin Timberlake sang the most in NSYNC anyways, so him going solo wasn't unexpected. I love his solo career though. This song is so fun. Every time it comes on the radio I always blast it. It's just one of those tracks.

17. Jesus Take The Wheel (2005)

This is my other American Idol girl. I love Carrie Underwood so much. I've probably made that pretty apparent on this blog, but I figured I'd mention it again. This song was really what started Underwood's career, and although people may prefer "Before He Cheats", this was truly her first hit.

18. Lucky (2000)

This song is so iconic. Good on Britney Spear for making this absolute classic. I probably should have put a more standout hit like "Oops!...I Did It Again", but this song is just too good to pass up. Take a listen because I bet it's been way too long since you've heard this song.

19. Fighter (2002)

I feel like I couldn't have a list of early 2000s songs without putting this girl on. Christina Aguilera dominated music for the latter 90s and early 2000s, and it's kind of obvious why. This song is amazing, and if it doesn't get you pumped, then I don't know what will.

20. You and Me (2005)

Ever since this song came out, I knew it would be my wedding song. It's gonna suck if my future husband doesn't like Lifehouse. This song is just so slow and romantic. It's lovely and fits very well within the time period it came out.

21. Back to Black (2006)

I miss Amy Winehouse so much. No one had a voice like her. This song is just one of the many amazing songs she created. It's so beautiful, and makes me miss her all the more.

22. Are You Happy Now? (2003)

I don't want to say I saved the best for last. (I actually really didn't. These aren't in order.) But I do love me some Michelle Branch. I could say a lot about this song, but what I will say is I remember every single word, and I listen to this song way more than is healthy. It's great.


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