Dangerous Woman

Hi guys! So I'm actually super excited today to talk about a new album that I did not think I would be excited about. To be completely honest, I never considered myself an Ariana Grande fan. Do her fans have a specific name? I don't know. All I do know is that before this latest CD I listened to Ariana Grande sparingly. If she was on the radio, I would softly sing along, but not much else. I actually did a review of one of her songs "Focus" a few months ago, and even said nothing about the song was spectacular, but it was a good radio song. For me, that was like the majority of Grande songs. Good for the radio, but didn't do much for me.

That is until Dangerous Woman was released today. Now before the official release Grande released some singles including the title track and "Into You". I absolutely love both of these songs, but I still thought maybe they're flukes? The rest of the album can't be that amazing. Well I was wrong, and I'm now a fan, so let's talk about what made me change my mind.

First of all, none of these songs sound the same. Grande experimented so much with different genres on this record. There are a lot of different influences, and I think it comes partly from the amazing artists that contributed to the record. The song "Leave Me Lonely" features Macy Gray and has such a sleek and sultry sound to it that could only come from the raspy Macy Gray. The song "Side to Side" features Nicki Minaj and has a sort of Caribbean feel to it. The only collaborator that I'm not a huge fan of is Lil Wayne, but I still think the song "Let Me Love You" is great..just skip his parts.

I also love the vocal risks Grande took on this record. This girl can sing, and she proves it in songs like "Dangerous Woman" and "Moonlight". I don't know if I have ever mentioned this in one of my posts, but as good as Grande is at singing, her technique has always bothered me so much. She never annunciated her words, and to me it just sounded like someone trying to sing through a mouthful of marbles. I'm pleasantly surprised to hear that that issue was not present on this record. At some points, you can hear it, but it is nowhere near as bad as her previous stuff. I'm happy to be able to decipher what she's actually saying.

You can tell that Grande really tried to better herself on this record. She finally sounds like a seasoned artist. One of my favorite songs on the album is titled "Greedy". It has such a unique sound to it, and I feel like if you played it for the average person, they wouldn't know it was Grande. I love when artists change their sound and keep evolving (unless your Mumford & Sons; go back to the banjo!). I'm excited to listen to Grande's future music because she has made a fan out of me. Also I'm excited to listen to this album on repeat for the next few days. Take a listen on Spotify and hear for yourself!


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