Wrong Crowd

Tom Odell is back! *clapping ensues* If you don't know who Tom Odell is, he released his debut album Long Way Down back in 2013 that produced hits like "Another Love" and "Sense". Since then (see what I did there) Odell has been pretty silent on the music front until his release of his new single "Wrong Crowd". "Wrong Crowd" is the first single and title track off of Odell's second album set to be released in June.

In the song, Odell gets progressively louder and more stricken as he croons "I guess I'll always be hanging round with the wrong crowd." The song is very emotional although at some points whiny and a bit cliche. Odell laments over the fact that his fame has had downsides, and that he'll never find somebody to love. It's a dark message for a song covered up with a cheery and infectious drum beat. 

Compared to the previous album, "Wrong Crowd" is not as lyrically strong, but it still packs the emotional punch that most Odell songs do. Odell's raspy and unique tone adds even more to the emotions thrumming throughout the tune. The best part of the song is without a doubt the last chorus. The whole song leads up to this one section, and Odell only repeats two sentences, but it's powerful. Maybe also the most believable part of the track as well. Very reminiscent of the end of the song "Give Me Love" by Ed Sheeran. Sometimes repetition can be annoying, but in this case it works.

I'm looking forward to Odell's new album. This song is not my favorite, though I do see it doing very well on the radio and for exposure, but I'm optimistic that the new album will have some hidden gems on it. In the meantime, "Wrong Crowd" should tie fans over until June.


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