My Favorite Songs From My Favorite Artists...And the Ones I Skip

Hey guys! Hope you're all having great weeks. For today's post, I wanted to talk about my favorite and least favorite songs from my favorite artists. Now this post will be all my personal opinion, so some of the songs I like because they're different, and some of them I hate because they're too different. It just depends. So let's just jump right in.

Ed Sheeran
This shouldn't be a shock to the majority of the people who read this blog. I love this guy.

My Favorites: "Give Me Love" "I'm a Mess"

Both of these songs feature more of the acoustic side of Ed Sheeran's repertoire. For me, "Give Me Love" is so emotional. I think the way it conveys such a range of feelings makes it one of my favorites. I can't think of another song that does it as well. "I'm a Mess" has such a good beat that goes along with song. You get more into it as the song goes on, and I am absolutely obsessed with the breakdown at the end of the song.

My Least Favorites: "Shirtsleeves" "Sunburn"

Alright both of these are deluxe editions tracks, so the positive news is that atleast Sheeran didn't think they were good enough to make the main album. "Shirtsleeves" is a song I really tried to like. Every time it comes on shuffle though, I turn it. The beat makes it sound a bit cheesy to me, and I really don't like what the vocals sound like on the track. Sorry Ed. "Sunburn" is too boring for me. While I like a good, slow acoustic song, this one does nothing for me. The lyrics are pretty, but I want to fall asleep.

Ben Howard
This also shouldn't be a shock. This man is brilliant.

My Favorites: "Keep Your Head Up" "The Fear"

"Keep Your Head Up" is one of my all time favorite songs. I think the message of the song is so great and uplifting. The way the song starts makes you just feel like you're in a dream. It's soothing and lovely. "The Fear" is probably my favorite lyrical song ever. I know those are big words, but I just feel that this song is so relatable and honest. It has more of a darker tone than the previous song, and I really love that juxtaposition.

My Least Favorites: "These Waters" "End of the Affair"

This was hard for me because I genuinely like most of Howard's music, but I have to be honest and say that there are some songs that I skip. "These Waters" is not my favorite. It starts out with a very awkward, long drawn out note, and while the chorus is nice, it doesn't make up for the rest of the song. It's not a stand out. "End of the Affair" makes me sleepier than "Sunburn" does. First of all the track clocks in at 7:46 making it one of the longest tracks from Howard (other than Burgh Island which clocks in at 8:13). The song is long and stays pretty consistently sleepy throughout. It does pick up at the end, but for me, it takes too long to get there.

I've realized that all of my favorite artists are British. Whoops.

My Favorites: "All I Ask" "Set Fire to the Rain"

Probably one of the hardest Adele songs to sing is "All I Ask", and she has agreed with this statement multiple times. It's a difficult song to sing, and she makes it sound effortless. This song was also written with Bruno Mars, and I just really appreciate the songwriting that went into this. Also, my all time favorite Adele lyric is in this song, "and since you're the only one that matters, tell me who do I run to". "Set Fire to the Rain" is the song that made me fall in love with Adele. The little drum beat behind the music gets you hooked, and the lead up to the chorus is potent. It's a fun song, but it's also amazing well written and well sung.

My Least Favorites: "I'll Be Waiting" "Daydreamer"

"I'll Be Waiting" is just a bit too much for me. The beat sounds fun, but it just doesn't go with the sound of the album 21. This song isn't bad. It's honestly hard to hate anything that comes out of Adele's mouth, but this song is not memorable or anything special. "Daydreamer" is actually the one Adele song I hate (hate is a strong word). 19 is an album that features a lot of great songs, but you can also tell how young Adele was when she made the album. In "Daydreamer", Adele sounds young, and she sounds like she's experimenting with her voice and her lyrics. I don't think this experiment quite turned out alright.

One Direction
I love boybands, especially this one.

My Favorites: "What a Feeling" Happily"

Both of these songs are more on the acoustic and folk side of One Direction's discography. "What a Feeling" is seriously a song that Fleetwood Mac must have give them, because it sounds like it should be on the Rumors album. I love this song. I think it's actually moved up in to my top five. The chorus of this song is so beautiful and dreamy. By far, the best One Direction song. "Happily" had been my favorite 1D song until Made in the A.M. was released. The song is like a poppier version of Mumford & Sons, and it's such a fun, upbeat track. It's a quick song, coming in at less than three minutes, but it showcases the diversity of One Direction's music making capabilities.

My Least Favorites: "Diana" "Half a Heart"

As much as I love One Direction, I will admit that they have a lot of cheesy music. I personally dislike about half of the Midnight Memories album. "Diana" honestly sounds like they just picked a random girl's name and thought what could rhyme with this. I don't know what the point of the song is. It's seems very haphazardly put together. "Half a Heart" might be the cheesiest song on earth. The premise of the song seems alright, but with lyrics like "I'm walking around with just one shoe" and "with half an arrow in my chest". I probably could have written better lyrics. This track is one I definitely skip.

Mumford & Sons
So I mentioned Mumford & Songs above, so I should probably mention them again.

My Favorites: "I Gave You All" "White Blank Page"

"I Gave You All" is in my top five favorites. It has my favorite lyric ever to be sung in a song. It has such an amazing lead up to a bridge that is just epic. I will forever be in love with this track. It's another song that brings up emotions that are so clear and evident. "White Blank Page" is also such a haunting song. It's so relatable and honest. Marcus Mumford puts so much feeling into his voice and into the song that you can feel and understand what he's feeling. It's a song that you get into because it's so engaging.

My Least Favorites: Honestly the whole Wilder Mind album

I miss the banjos. Yeah synthesizers are cool, but to be honest Coldplay does it better. I appreciate the fact that Mumford & Sons are trying to grow and mature as a band, but they had such a classic and amazing sound. There are a few songs on the new album that I appreciate, but they don't come close to the love I have for the older albums. Sometimes change is good, but sometimes messing with a good thing is really going to be your downfall.

And that's that! Everybody check out some of these songs if you've never taken a listen before, and I'd love to know if you guys agree with me. Leave a comment below if you have a better or worse song from these artists. Have a great week!


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