Mind of Mine

Hey guys! So I don't know if you guys have listened to it yet, but hopefully you are aware that it has been exactly a week since Zayn Malik has released his debut album Mind of Mine. The release date marked exactly a year since Malik left the boyband One Direction, and the album displays the growth he has gone through since leaving.

From first listen, you know this album is nothing like a 1D record. Mind of Mine incorporates mostly pop and RnB undertones. The album is very slow, sexy and alluring. Malik's voice just adds to the calm vibe. That might be my main critique with the album though.

The first half off the album I love. Between songs like "BeFoUr" and "dRuNk" the album has a great club sound. Malik also sure knows how to show off his fantastic range with some quality and impressive falsetto. The songs have good beats. Maybe more pop influenced than the rest of the album, but the beginning of this record is what makes Malik shine the most.

Then you start getting into more of the slower songs, which is fine, but Malik fails to produce and perform them in a way that makes them stand out. Tracks 7 through 18 blend together for me except for standouts like "BoRdErS", "TiO" and "LIKE I WOULD".

I appreciate the artistry Malik put into this record though. Although a few songs are misses for me, you can tell Malik went out of his comfort zone. The song "TiO" is a far cry from anything One Direction has ever done. I also love the fact that the intermission on the album is in Urdu. It shows Malik's culture and was a giant risk to include it on the album, and I personally love it even though I have no idea what he is saying.

For a first album (kind of), I'm impressed. I cannot even imagine being used to making an album with four other guys to go to just being yourself. I think this album is decent. It could definitely be a lot better, and I'm expecting more from the next one, but for now Malik shows he has star power all on his own.


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