Hi guys! Today I wanted to talk about the Lumineers' new follow-up album to their amazing debut album, The Lumineers. The album comes out after four years of no new music, so to say it's been long awaited might be an understatement. The second album, titled Cleopatra, is nothing too crazy or different from the first. It's very lyrical-based with light airy songs that tend to have some darker meanings. It is a bit slower than the first album. Some of the songs like "In the Light" and "Long Way From Home" take a bit to get started, but once they do, you can't help but to hum along.

Many of the tracks are catchy, very reminiscent of some older Mumford & Sons songs, especially the track "Sick in the Head". None of the songs are quite standouts though. Many of the named-based tracks are my personal favorites though like "Ophelia", "Cleopatra", and "Angela".  The lyrics are by far the best parts of the record. Like the story setting and descriptive eloquence weaved throughout songs like "Angela", and the metaphorical prowess of "My Eyes".

All in all, the album tries to accomplish a lot. It falls flat in some areas, while soars in others. After four years, I was hoping for an album a little longer than 35 minutes. Cleopatra is a short and sweet taste of The Lumineers sound, but I wanted a little more than a slice. One of my favorite parts of the album though is the last song "Patience". It's a nice, melodious way to end the album with just an instrumental track. Again though, it would have been nice to see more risks being taken or extra tracks on this album.

Tracks to check out: "Ophelia", "Gun Song", "Angela"


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