Was Gaga Robbed?

Hi guys! Today I wanted to talk about the Oscars. They were on last Sunday, and some crazy moments occurred. From Leo finally winning the Oscar to the shocker that Spotlight took home best picture, it was definitely an interesting night. The music part of the night though is what I want to discuss.

"Writing's on the Wall" the James Bond theme song written and recorded by Sam Smith won the Oscar for Best Original Song. While I personally love the song, many were shocked after Lady Gaga gave an emotional and powerful performance of her song "Til it Happens to You". "Til it Happens to You" was written for the documentary The Hunting Ground about sexual assault, and Gaga being a survivor herself really made the song impactful.

When Smith won, you could tell he was shocked and others were outraged at the snub. Smith also didn't help his case by making some unfortunate remarks after winning the Oscar. So was Lady Gaga robbed of the Oscar? Why did Sam Smith win instead? My thoughts were this and feel free to disagree, but I think Smith won based off of the fact that his song was better. Plain and simple. I will admit after watching back through both performances that Gaga definitely had the more emotional and touching song. Smith's performance of this song seemed a bit lazy and shaky, but that also could have been nerves.

Listening back to both studio versions though, the answer is clear. Gaga's voice does not really connect with the song, while Smith's voice sounds like it was made for the movie. Last year's Oscar winner for Best Original Song, "Glory", had the emotional impact that Gaga's did as well, but that's about as far as the comparison goes. For me, "Writing's on the Wall" is just an overall better song (and I know Skyfall is still the better song). Lady Gaga still did perform beautifully though, and you had to be inhuman to not shed a tear or two during the song. Maybe Gaga should have won based on that alone, but I think in this case, Smith winning was the right choice.


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