Niykee Heaton

Hi guys! Today I wanted to introduce you guys to a relatively new artist that my friend forced me to listen to. I'm rather glad she did though because now I am obsessed. Niykee Heaton is a 21-year-old pop/RnB artist who has recently released The Bedroom Tour Playlist, which is a series of songs that Heaton has performed but has never released on a mixtape or EP. Heaton also has an EP, Bad Intentions, that she released in 2014. Although no official debut album has been released, Heaton is steadily getting more popular by playing in festivals like SXSW and making viral YouTube videos, where she first got her start to begin with.

The main thing that I like about Heaton's music is the beats to her songs. Every song will get stuck in your head, and every song is different. They're all their own unique entities. You can also tell Heaton puts a lot of effort into the production of each song. From the beats to the lyrics to the vocals. Heaton has been received well by critics, but is just now really gaining popularity. She is also busy with her budding modeling career as well as being on tour since late last year.

Heaton's music suggests more maturity than you think would reside in a 21-year-old. One of my favorite lyrics comes from the song "Mask". Heaton croons "I'll take off my mask if you take off yours." Some of the standouts on her recently released mixtape include "King", "Infinity", and "Bad Intentions". Heaton has a great voice and thankfully her music doesn't overshadow that. Everything is balanced, and while some songs may be a bit explicit, Heaton gets her point across. Emotions are evident in each song, and Heaton does a marvelous job of storytelling in her lyrics. Check her out if you haven't already!


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