Artists Who Need To Release Some New Material

Hi guys! Today I wanted to talk (and complain) about some artists who really need to release a new album or a new EP or just a new single. This list is going to be very whiny just forewarning you.

1. Ben Howard 

This man needs to get it together. He's one of my favorite if not all time favorite artists, and it's been a good two years since his last album release. While that doesn't seem very long, I also have heard no reports that he is even working on a third album. His latest tour ended in October, so it's about time for Howard to release some new material. I'm hoping to hear some news about a new album at the end of this year, so I guess I'll just have to keep my fingers crossed.

2. Sam Smith

This one might not be as urgent as Smith did release In The Lonely Hour (Drowning Shadows Edition) back in November which featured a few new songs and live versions of some of the singles. This release was great and all, but I'm selfish, and I would quite like a new album. I also want to stop hearing the song Stay With Me 24/7, so maybe some new material will help with that. Smith did say that he was working on a second album, and that it would hopefully come out sometime this year. He described the new album as "brutal" and "the most honest thing I've ever written in my life," according to MTV. 

3. Lorde

It has been three years since Lorde graced us with Pure Heroine, the album that featured jams like "Team" and "Royals". It's been way too long. In early January of this year, Lorde mentioned on Twitter that she had a name for her new album and that only her mom knew what it was, but that's about all the album news at the moment. Fans and critics alike are speculating that the album will come out sometime this year. I personally cannot wait to hear how she tries to top such an iconic debut album.

4. Bruno Mars

My man Bruno has not released his own music since 2012. I don't count "Uptown Funk" since it's technically Mark Ronson's track, and that was still released awhile ago. When Mars performed at the Super Bowl recently, I was hoping for a surprise new track but was disappointed (not for long though because Beyonce). Mars has the talent and the star power to continue making amazing albums. According to Mars' father, Pete Hernandez, Mars' album was set back by being in the Super Bowl, but it should be released in September or October. Hopefully it will be worth the wait.

5. Vance Joy

The last time Vance Joy released new music was in 2014, which isn't as terrible as some of the others on this list, but I need new music from him asap. While his debut album Dream Your Life Away did fantastic, especially the song "Riptide", I think Joy's an artist who will only get better with time. At the moment, he's on tour with Elle King, but the tour is supposed to be over in April. Hopefully Joy will have some time after the tour to start planning for a second album. I wouldn't expect it to come out this year, but who knows. The sooner the better in my opinion.


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