Top 10 Songs for Spring

Hi guys! Now before anyone yells at me and says it's February. I get it. It's not spring, but it is 61 degrees here in Chicago today, so it feels like it. For all those people who are so over winter and are ready for spring, here's ten songs to get you into the mood.

1. Ophelia // The Lumineers

This song is a great and catchy track. You kind of have to bounce around to this one. The piano parts of the song just speed along the excitement and give it a quirky tone. It's a quick track, but it's great for one of those rarer warmer days in the beginning of spring.

2. What Side of Love // Parachute

3. Ain't Got Far To Go // Jess Glynne

Jess Glynne has such a unique raspiness to her voice, and it just adds to how fun this song. This is a song that is easy to dance and jam to. It gives you a carefree feeling. The beat throughout the whole song gives the track it's unique hook. You'll be singing this after one listen. 

4. Don't Need Nobody // Ellie Goulding

5. How Could You Know // High Highs

I'm a huge fan of acoustic music, but I think the genre is especially fitting during the springtime. This song especially is fitting because it has such a positive and exciting tone. All of the verses build up to the chorus, which is immediately recognizable with it's distinctive instruments and powerful vocals.

6. Take it or Leave it // Great Good Fine Ok

7. Celeste // Ezra Vine

This is a great springtime song just because literally the first lyrics are talking about the spring. I also love the backing vocals because I think they add a lot to the whimsicalness of the song. I feel like if you spent a day cloud watching this is the only song you should listen to. Vine also has a voice that is really complementary to this genre.

8. Tilikum // Benjamin Francis Leftwich

9. Brand New // Ben Rector

Alright, here's a more upbeat song that is perfect for warmer weather. The lyrics are one of my favorite parts of this song. They are a bit cheesy, but I love the idea of driving with the windows down and dancing with everyone watching. This is a super cute song that's perfect for those feel good times in your life.

10. Be the Song // Foy Vance

Well I hope you guys got some inspiration for some new music, and I hope you're enjoying the warm day (if it is warm where you're at, if it's not, I'm sorry). Hope you guys all have a great week!


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