Jack Garratt

Hi guys! Today I want to tell you about one of my new favorite artists. Jack Garratt is a British singer who falls into the indie pop and electronic genre. His debut album Phase was just released on the 19th of this month, and I cannot stop listening. There is something so interesting and engaging about Garratt's music. A lot of it is really upbeat, so it's kind of a surprise that I really enjoy it, but Garratt also has some more acoustic and vocal songs.

One of the things that I love about Garratt is that there are not a lot of people I can compare him to off of the top of my head. He's doing his own thing, and it's obviously paying off as Garratt just won the Critic's Choice Award at the Brits. Past winners include James Bay, Sam Smith, Tom Odell and Emeli Sandé. So pretty much nobodies. I think this is going to be Garratt's year. A lot of his songs I can see doing really well on the radio, and they're so catchy that everyone's going to be humming them after one listen.

Garratt has such a dynamic voice, and I think that's what really drove me to listen to more of his music to begin with. His range is quite impressive, and his tone fits in really well with the kind of music he produces. A lot of his music reminds me a bit of the song Money on My Mind by Sam Smith. I read in an interview once that Smith tried to make his voice sound like an instrument in the song. That's what I hear when I listen to Garratt's songs. His voice effortlessly blends into the music in order to create beautiful songs.

Lyrics are another huge thing for me when it comes to listening and liking music. Garratt's lyrics are not the typical cookie cutter lyrics that you can usually name before the singer is even done with a verse. Garratt's lyrics are as diverse as his songs. You can tell that they are genuine, and that they really mean a lot to him. The song Weathered is probably my all time favorite song from Garratt, and it's mostly because I love and relate to the lyrics so much. Garratt has created a quality piece of art with this record. So definitely check him out when you get the chance.

My favorites off of the record are Weathered, Worry, and Chemical. So if you want, start with those. Have a good week!


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