5 Artists People Love to Hate (But That Are Actually Good)

1. Justin Bieber

Now there are many legitimate reasons to hate Justin Bieber, and while I could name them at length, I am going to try and focus on his music. Now when Bieber first came out, I will say that I absolutely hated his music. I love pop music, but to me, there was just something so manufactured and fake about his early stuff. I was not a fan. I was still not a fan until years later. I became a fan when Bieber released his latest album Purpose. It finally sounds like Bieber had input on this record. It sounds more mature and has a way cooler vibe. Bieber has finally stepped away from the pop songs that all sound relatively the same, and this new album shows his growth as a musician. You can still hate him all you want, but I'm going to go jam to The Feeling. 

2. Beyoncé

Now I know what you're thinking. Who could hate Beyoncé? Well the backlash I've already seen from her new video and performance at the Super Bowl says a lot of people can. A lot of the hate comes from vaguely racist undertones, but I won't get into that here. I will say I have heard a lot of people say that Beyoncé is overrated, and while people may take the love of Queen B too far, she does deserve a lot of the praise. Beyoncé is not just an amazing businesswoman, but she also has enormous amounts of talent. She's always taking creative risks, and she's become one of the biggest names in pop. 

3. Nicki Minaj

Now again some of the reasons people hate Nicki Minaj are completely racist and sexist, but some people are just uncomfortable with how comfortable Minaj is with her body. Many people think she should set better standards for herself and for those who look up to her. I'm going to focus mostly on her music though. People may hate her, but no one can deny that she is the biggest female rapper out at the moment. If you want to hear true rap genius, just listen to Minaj's verse in Monster, also totally check out Adele's version because it's hilarious. Minaj's most recent album The Pinkprint is one of my favorite rap albums, and it did amazing in the charts. So maybe Minaj has a lot of haters, but she's still winning. 

4. Taylor Swift

This one might shock you too, but some people hate Taylor Swift. I wouldn't say I necessarily hate her, but I do think she could do with some singing lessons. Swift has been criticized many times over the years for writing too much about boys and for being greedy when it comes to her music. Swift took the majority of her music off of Spotify and almost did not put it on Apple Music. When talking about her music though, Swift has had quite a journey. Starting from the small, country girl singing about the teardrops on her guitar to the pop princess we know today is quite a transformation. Swift is currently nominated for 6 Grammys for her most recent album 1989, which has done absolutely amazing. Swift may annoy some, but it looks like she's not leaving the music scene for awhile.

5. One Direction

Alright, if you've been reading my blog for awhile then you must know that I actually really like One Direction. To be quite honest, I like a lot of boy bands, but over the years there has always been this stigma against them. It's as if just because the majority of their fan base are teenage girls then that must mean that they don't make real music. A lot of hate and frankly homophobic comments get thrown at One Direction, and I really don't get it. A great deal of their music is way more rocky and folky than people would expect to come from a boy band. I hate to be cliche, but they are quite different from the typical matchy match and choreographed boy band that most people may be used to seeing. I love their music, and I will jam out unashamed.


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