The Top 15 Albums of 2015 - Part II

Happy New Year everyone! As promised, here's the second and final part of my top albums of 2015. Hope you guys enjoy even if you don't agree.

7. Years & Years // Communion
Released: June 22, 2015

It's really been the year for electronic pop, and these guys do it so well. The lead singer, Olly, has such a great, unique voice, which also makes each song original. Each song stands on its own, and each track has an infectious beat. For a debut album, this record sounds so mature and seasoned. It's a record you can obsess over.

Key Tracks to Listen For: "Real" "King" "Memo"

6. The Weeknd // Beauty Behind the Madness
Released: August 28, 2015

This album is just effortlessly cool. There's not a track on this record that I do not like. Every song excites me and reminds me of older influences. I hear a lot of Michael Jackson in songs like "In the Night" and "Can't Feel My Face". The Weeknd has taken a genre of music that so many artists have already reinvented, and he's reinvented it again. He takes risks, and it has paid off.

Key Tracks to Listen For: "In the Night" "Can't Feel My Face" "The Hills"

5. Carly Rae Jepsen // Emotion
Released: June 24, 2015

Before you guys say that I’m crazy for putting this album up so high or even putting this album on my list at all, Billboard named this record the number one snub at the Grammys. The reason everyone was so surprised by this record not being nominated is because it was great. It is the prefect example of a quality pop record. This album was also heavily influenced by 80's beats which give the record a great vibe. Jepsen did good on this album, even if it's not widely known.

Key Tracks to Listen For: "Making the Most of the Night" "Run Away With Me" Emotion"

4. Selena Gomez // Revival
Released: October 9, 2015

Now again, everyone probably thinks I have lost my mind, but this album is genuinely amazing. I've always had an issue with Gomez to be honest because I didn't think she could sing at all. Now while she doesn't have the best or strongest voice, this album complements her soft, breathy voice way better than a pop album ever did. Gomez changed up her sound on this record, and it paid off. All of the songs have slow, sultry beats that get you addicted.

Key Tracks to Listen For: "Good For You" "Hands to Myself" "Same Old Love"

3. Troye Sivan // Blue Neighborhood
Released: December 4, 2015

This album hasn't even been out for a full month yet, but I knew when I first heard it that I was going to get obsessed. This record is something different. It can fall into multiple genres, and it just sounds fresh. Sivan's voice might be one of my favorite sounds ever, and it just adds to the individuality of the record. I love the lyrics on this album as well. They make me feel nostalgic. Honestly, I just love everything about this record. It would have been my number one if not for two of my favorite musical acts also releasing music.

Key Tracks to Listen For: "Bite" "Youth" "Suburbia"

2. One Direction // Made in the A.M.
Released: November 13, 2015

This might have been a goodbye album for One Direction (or hiatus), but if it is goodbye then I'm glad it was with this album. For me, I mostly love this record because of the sound. You can tell One Direction knew they weren't touring with this record because it's more laid back. These songs aren't stadium songs, but instead, they're songs for the fans. There's so many old school influences on this album from the Beatles to Fleetwood Mac, and this album just seems very thought out. It's a mature yet fun record, and my favorite record (so far) from One Direction.

Key Tracks to Listen For: "What a Feeling" "Love You Goodbye" "Drag Me Down"

1. Adele // 25 
Released: November 20, 2015

I don't think this album being my number one was a surprise, but if it was then *surprise*. Adele didn't even release her album till late November, but already she has taken over the end of 2015. The album was long anticipated, so to be honest I would have been happy with Adele dropping any music at all, but this album blew me away. This record shows maturity and growth within Adele. No longer is she singing about love sickness, but instead about regret and moving on. Her vocals are also breathtaking in so many of the tracks. Adele has mentioned that she now has a wider vocal range since getting vocal chord surgery, and she uses that range. This album has already broken so many record, and I do believe that Adele and this album will become iconic.

Key Tracks to Listen For: "Hello" "All I Ask" " Million Years Ago"

And that's that! Hopefully you guys check some of these albums out if you haven't already. If you want some more music, here are some honorable mentions:

Little Mix // Get Weird

Justin Bieber // Purpose

Alessia Care // Know-It-All

Carrie Underwood // Storyteller

MisterWives // Our Own House


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