Pillow Talk

Hi guys! Today I wanted to talk about the debut single that Zayn Malik dropped last night. Now quick refresher if you've been living under a rock. Zayn Malik left the boyband One Direction in March of last year and since then has been building up to launch a solo career. Last night we got to listen to just a slice of his new album titled Mind of Mine, which will be released on March 25th (also the anniversary of the day he left 1D).

The song released last night titled Pillow Talk is definitely not something One Direction would do. The RnB influence is apparent throughout the track, as well as the mature subject matter. Malik doesn't beat around the bush with lyrics like "F**king you, and fighting on" and "A place that is so pure, so dirty and raw". Malik shows that the year he took off from One Direction has been a year of growth mentally and musically.

Although the song features more RnB beats, the chorus is completely pop. Not that that's bad at all, but Malik's voice definitely is more suited and in tune with pop tracks. For me, the chorus is my favorite part of the song. It has a sort of epic sound. The whole song just sounds like it is a build up to the chorus. I love the sound throughout the whole song though. It has a sort of sleek and sexy vibe going for it.

I think Malik released this song at a great time. With other people like The Weeknd and Justin Bieber going for this same kind of sound, this song will be popular in no time. And it doesn't hurt the fact that he also has fans from being in a hugely successful boyband.

I won't lie and say I like every part of the song. I think the lyrics are kind of 'meh' at some points. Sometimes Malik just holds out syllables for nothing other than cheesy dramatic effect, and sometimes I think I'm listening to Ariana Grande because Malik cannot enunciate well. But overall, I really enjoyed this tune. It surprised me that a song like this could come from someone who also sang on records like What Makes You Beautiful and Act My Age. If he continues with this kind of sound, I think Malik could have a very promising career as a solo artist.


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