Death of a Bachelor

Hi guys! Today I wanted to do a quick album review for the new Panic! at the Disco record, Death of a Bachelor. This album really surprised me. Usually I like listening to Panic! at the Disco, but on this record, I feel like they've really changed up their unique sound which is really impressive for a band on their fifth studio album.

The sound change isn't too drastic though, it still sounds like Panic! at the Disco. Brendon Urie, the lead singer and the only original member of the band left, know what fans want. The melodies are infectious, while the lyrics are still angsty enough for the 2007 emo kids in all of us. Some songs are genuinely creepy, and others make you feel the need to get in your car and drive around. All of the songs are very good are portraying the stories they are trying to get across.

I would need a whole year to talk about Urie's voice on this album, but I'll try to be brief. I will say Urie uses his voice to his advantage. He can sound gravely and smooth, but then he can go into his falsetto and blow you away. His unique voice will always be one of the reasons I love Panic! at the Disco so much.

I think this album is quality. It's not my favorite album ever, and it probably won't be my favorite album to come out this year, but it is great. It's quite an accomplishment when you are still relevant and making good music after so many years, and Panic! at the Disco, I believe have just gotten better and better.

Tracks to Listen For: "Death of a Bachelor" "Emperor's New Clothes" "LA Devotee"
Tracks to Skip: "Crazy=Genius" "The Good, The Bad, and The Dirty"


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