Troye Sivan

Hi guys! So for this week's post I'm talking about an up-and-coming artist. If you really like YouTube stars you might recognize this guy, as that's where he got his start, but his debut album Blue Neighborhood just came out, and that's what I want to talk about.

So Troye Sivan is his name, and I am utterly obsessed with his new album. To begin with, I just love the sound of the whole thing. Some songs are more techno than others, but the majority of the album is indie pop. It's relaxing, and as this is final's week for me (if it is for you too, I'm praying), I've been listening to this album on repeat while getting some work done. It's the perfect record to have on in the background and just vibe to.

It makes me mad that this kid is only a year older than me because his lyrics are really creative and vivid, while I'm still trying to figure out how to rhyme words. One of my favorite lyrics comes from my favorite track on the record Suburbia, "Have you heard me on the radio? Did you turn it up? On your blown-out stereo in suburbia." His lyrics really just have a way of painting a very distinct picture, which is what any great songwriter should do.

His voice is another thing I love about this album. As the music is soothing, so are the vocals on the record. Everything sounds so nonchalant. None of it sounds forced or artificial. I love when music just seems effortless. Now honestly, even my favorite albums have tracks that I sometimes skip because either I'm not in the mood to listen to them or I just plain don't like them, but not with this album. Listen to every song because it's as if they all go together and tell a story.

Now the singles off of this album are Wild, Talk Me Down, and Youth, so if you want to start with just listening to a few songs, I recommend these. Honestly though, listen to the whole album. You won't regret it.

Final thoughts: For a debut album from a 20-year-old, I'm really impressed. I think this is only the beginning of a long, successful career for Sivan, and I'm totally going to see him on tour because thank god he can actually sing well live *see recent Jimmy Fallon performance* Check him out!


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