The Top 15 Albums of 2015 - Part I

Merry Christmas everybody! I hope everyone is having a great day celebrating with friends and family. For today's post, I'm talking about my favorite albums from this year. This post will be a two-parter starting with albums 15 through 8, and next friday I'll post the rest. Here we go!

15. Tori Kelly // Unbreakable Smile
Released: June 23, 2015

Tori Kelly has become an instant breakout star this year. She has undeniable talent with a soft but strong voice and superb songwriting capabilities. This album sounds like just the tip of the iceberg for her. It does have fantastic songs though including songs featuring Ed Sheeran and LL Cool J. Her album also features amazing harmonies and likable lyrics. The songs are tracks that are infectious.

Tracks to Listen For: "I Was Made for Loving You" "Nobody Love" "Should've Been Us"

14. Drake // If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late
Released: February 13, 2015

Oh, Drake. This was definitely the year of Hotline Bling. You couldn't escape the thousands of people that made parodies or sang along to this tune. Now this album isn't one of the best just cause it was iconic, but it also shows the range of talents Drake possesses. His album is a collection of sounds that when put together make this album one that will be talked about (and turned into memes) for years to come.

Tracks to Listen For: "Hotline Bling" "Know Yourself" "Energy"

13. Gabrielle Aplin // Light up the Dark 
Released: September 18, 2015

This album contains some of my favorite songs that came out of this year. This is Aplin's second album, and if you listen to the first, you can tell this record is a bit jazzier and rockier than the previous record. Aplin's music is changing as the culture changes. This album I feel fits perfectly with the modern music scene, and it is definitely something I could listen to most of the time. Also the tone of Aplin's voice is one of my favorite things.

Tracks to Listen For: "Anybody Out There" "Sweet Nothing" "Light Up the Dark"

12. George Ezra // Wanted On Voyage
Released: Technically was released in 2014, but was released in the U.S. on January 27, 2015

I know this is sort of cheating since it's not technically an album from 2015, but we're gonna count it. And anyways, Ezra has definitely had a great 2015. He has blown up because this album is exactly what was needed. It sounds fresh. Ezra has a voice that is so unique, and his music fits quite well with that. None of the songs on this album sound too much alike, and you can tell care was put into each track. The whole album is uniquely George Ezra.
Tracks to Listen For: "Budapest" "Did You Hear the Rain?" "Barcelona"

11. James Bay // Chaos and the Calm 
Released: March 23, 2015

Bay has had a great year and has made a fantastic album. Men and guitars have certainly been popular lately (see Hozier and Ed Sheeran and every hipster boy at a college party), but Bay has some rockier songs which I like. He has this rasp to his voice that fits perfectly with a lot of his songs. This record in particular is great though because even though Bay makes acoustic music, it's not cliche. He uses the genre, but adds his own twist which makes for a terrific album.

Key Tracks to Listen For: "Hold Back the River" "When We Were on Fire" "If You Ever Want to be in Love"

10. Fifth Harmony // Reflection 
Released: January 30, 2015

This album proved to me and to the world that Fifth Harmony are serious artists. Their releases prior to this record were at nice, immature, lackluster and over produced. This album though changed all of that. They finally act like they know what music they wanna make, and it shows. Love the R&B direction this album took, and I think all five girls' voices blend together perfectly.

Key Tracks to Listen For: "Worth It" "Reflection" "Top Down"

9. Ellie Goulding // Delirium
Released: November 6, 2015

Goulding always releases good albums. I've never not liked her other records, but there's just something about this album. Every song on it is so catchy. I can honestly listen to some of the songs on repeat for hours. I will admit that some of her songs can be quite annoying (see Burn and Anything Could Happen), but this album just has quality jams. The record also has a more diverse sound than her other two.

Key Tracks to Listen For: "On My Mind" ""Something in the Way You Move" "Codes"

8. Ryn Weaver // The Fool
Released: June 16, 2015

Weaver has one of the most unique sounds and voices that I have ever heard. There is nothing on the radio that sounds like this album. It's a bit a techno with a bit of pop with a bit of soul. Weaver also writes really relatable lyrics, and she sings them with a passion. Every song has something about it that makes it distinct and memorable.

Key Tracks to Listen For: "The Fool" "OctaHate" "Pierre"

And there we go! The second part of the list will be out next week. Again, I hope everyone has a happy holidays and a merry christmas!


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