My Favorite Acoustic Performances

Alrightey, today's post should be fun as I'm counting down my top 8 favorite acoustic performances by a band or artist. I have always loved acoustic performances, as usually you can hear an artist's voice easier and clearer. Some acoustic performances can even be better than the studio versions, so without further ado here's number 8.

8. Kodaline // High Hopes

The music is a bit out of sync with the vocals on this video, but I love it regardless. The lead singer of Kodaline has such a unique voice, and in this video, it is so powerful and clear. Quite love the harmonies around 2:50 as well.

7. James Bay // If You Ever Want to be in Love

Although Bay plays more acoustic music to begin with, this video really showcases his raw vocals and guitar skills. His voice sounds effortless in this. The video is literally just him and his guitar and somehow it works great.

6. Carrie Underwood // Two Black Cadillacs 

Good lord, Carrie Underwood is usually amazing, but this video is especially great. First of all this song is fantastic, but her vocals send it over the top. I love that she doesn't have to scream to hit the high notes. They just come to her. If you want to get straight to the song, skip to 1:17.

5. Ryn Weaver // Pierre

This performance is so unique. It doesn't sound at all like the studio version, yet it's so wonderful. Weaver has such a dynamic voice that she can do a lot with, and she knows it. Everything about this performance is enchanting from the beautiful instruments backing Weaver up to the way her voice just seems to float gracefully over the notes.

4. Ben Howard // Keep Your Head Up

Howard sounds literally the exact same as he does on his record. That's some talent right there. I love this performance mostly because this is one of my favorite songs, but also because Howard's voice is very clear in this. He also adds extra verses to the song, which are a nice little extra to an already great performance.

3. Sam Smith // How Will I Know

Now I know no one can do Whitney Houston like Whitney Houston, but I really do love this cover. I think the arrangement of this song fits better with Smith's voice than the more poppy version. His voice is pure in this. No huge vocal aerobics go on in this tune, but instead the vocals are a consistent steadiness throughout the song. It's beautiful and touching and a great acoustic performance.

2. Tori Kelly // Should've Been Us

Tori Kelly has one of the greatest voices right now out of all the young female vocalists. She can belt notes without actually belting. She has such a soft tone to her voice, yet her range and control give away how talented she truly is. This performance is so nonchalant, and yet it is one of my favorites when it comes to acoustics.

1. Little Mix // How Ya Doin'

Little Mix are the queens of acoustic performances. If you haven't looked up some of their other acoustic performances, then I recommend doing so. The best thing about this performance is by far their harmonies. These ladies' voices go together so smoothly and perfectly. Each girl shines in this video. There's beat boxing and a bit of scat, and it just seems like these girls can do everything. My favorite acoustic performance to date.  


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