Made in the A.M.

Here we go! As promised here is my review of One Direction's new album "Made in the A.M." officially out today. Look out for my final thoughts at the end of the post.

1. Hey Angel
This is Clouds 2.0. Clouds was a song on 1D's previous album "Four". Just like Clouds, Hey Angel is a big song. It's a good way to start off this album. Personally, I really like the lyrics, but the best part about this song is the mood of it. It has such a nice flow. It's not my favorite song, but it is lovely.
2. Drag Me Down
I've already talked about this song in a previous post, as it was the debut single off of this record, but let's just reminisce for a second. I still completely love this song. It was a perfect choice to be a single. I love the intensity of the chorus, and it is definitely a track that is memorable. One of my favorite singles from One Direction ever.

3. Perfect
So far this is the other single off of the album. It's not my favorite. It is nice to listen to, and I do truly like the chorus, but it doesn't fit with the rest of the album. A lot of this record is very stripped back and open. To me, Perfect is too over produced and cheesy. It would have worked well on another album but not this one.

4. Infinity
Infinity is sweet. It has a very airy tone to it that makes listening to it a breeze (pun intended). This is a song you would listen to late at night when you're feeling nostalgic. The harmonies from the boys are very beautiful in this, and Styles voice especially shines on the chorus. Not a stand out song for me, but a nice one all the same.

5. End of the Day
Alright, the first verse of this song is my absolute favorite, but that's about it. I adore the first verse, but the chorus sounds like a completely different song. This song is very disjointed, as if completely different songs collided together. It would be really great if it was more fluid. Listen to this track though if only for the first verse.

6. If I Could Fly
Alright, now we're getting to my favorites. This song is so romantic and sweet. One of my favorite parts in this song is the lyric, ”I hope that you don’t run from me.” I also adore the harmonies and ad-libs at the end of the track. In this song, you can hear how well each boys' voice complements the other. Styles and Tomlinson probably have the best parts in this song.
7. Long Way Down
This song is alright. Just alright though. Nothing about this song sticks out. It's not the worst song, I just sometimes forget it's on the album. I appreciate the change in pace this song brings, but I wish there was something about it that added anything special. To me, it just seems sleepy and a little too safe.

8. Never Enough
Well if Hey Angel is Clouds 2.0, then this song is Act My Age 2.0. This song is so weird, yet somehow it works. Personally, I think the chorus is what makes it so contagiously catchy. It's so fun and really different from a lot of the stuff 1D has done before. This one has a way more poppy sound but still has some heavy instruments backing it up. Also please listen to the part at 3:03 to 3:10. You're welcome.

9. Olivia
I didn't like this song at first. I still think it's quite cheesy, but I think the lyrics are quite cute and at times clever. And to be honest, who can't love a song with a little Beatles influence. The Beatles aren't the only influence on this song though, if you listen to the bridge towards the end, you'd think you were in Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. Weird song, but it does grow on you.

10. What a Feeling
My ultimate favorite song on this record. Just like Olivia had some Beatles' influence, What a Feeling feels like it was plucked straight off of a Fleetwood Mac album. The 70s vibe coming from this song is so evident and clear. Never thought 1D would make a song like this, but I'm so glad they did. This a song you can just relax and jam to. Utterly obsessed.

11. Love You Goodbye
This is the power ballad to end all power ballads. Favorite lyric from this one is, “Why are you wearing that to walk out of my life?" The song starts slow and kind of tricks you, but once the chorus hits you're a goner. I really love Horan's verse in this song, and this is probably the best Tomlinson has ever sounded. This song is also definitely one of the more emotional ones on the album.

12. I Want to Write You a Song
My first thought when I heard this song was that it would be a lovely lullaby. This song is a sweet self-indulgent fluff fest. That's honestly the best way I can describe it. Even though 1D says they're coming back after their hiatus, this song is a perfect goodbye (for now?) song to the fans. Love how you can hear pencil scribbles throughout the whole song, just makes it all the more real.

13. History
I really like how the majority of the music in this song is made up of just a guitar and claps. As I said, this album is more relaxed and acoustic. This song accurately portrays that. The only part of this song that annoys me is the buildup in the bridge to nothing. It seems very anti-climactic and lazy to me. Other than that, I find the song very chill and mellow.

14. Temporary Fix
Here's some rock influence! Temporary Fix is what 1D was trying to do with Midnight Memories but better. The lyrics in this one first of all are far better than in Midnight Memories, and this song just sounds more put together. I feel like a lot of older fans will appreciate this throwback jam. Also can we just appreciate Styles' little scream at 2:13.

15. Walking in the Wind
Love the tone of this song. My first thought when listening to this song was that it would be the perfect thing to listen to on a road trip. It's also another song that says that 1D won't be completely gone. It's a sweet tune that should be accepted well from the dedicated fans. This one is very emotional, "But it's not the end, I'll see your face again."

16. Wolves
Aright, you need to listen to this song until at least the chorus. It starts very oddly, but by the chorus, I was obsessed with this tune. This one is a great song to dance to. Has a fun beat, and it's a song that you don't really get tired of listening to. The lyrics for this one are way more metaphorical which I love, and I think it really shows the progression of this band.

17. A.M.
So remember again when I said this album was more acoustic. Well, here's my defining example. I find the lyrics a bit repetitive and annoying, but the sound of this song makes up for some of the lack luster lyrics. This song is also kind of scandalous as this is the first song 1D has ever cussed in, so obviously it's a favorite (just kidding). Nice and pleasant way to end the album.

Final Thoughts: If this is a goodbye album, I'm comforted but also upset. I think the songs on this album are beautiful and touching, so if this is the last album, at least it was a good one. At the same time, I really hope this is not the last album because I love the direction this one took. It's less produced, more honest, and way more pulled back. I love all the old-school influence on many of the songs, and I think this band has really matured in writing and making music. I truly hope this is just a goodbye for now album, but only time will tell.


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