Hi everybody! So Ariana Grande recently released new music for her upcoming album 'Moonlight' set to be released in 2016. The debut single for the album was released last Thursday, and it has already garnered some strong opinions from fans and critics. The single titled "Focus"is reminiscent of Grande's earlier song "Problem" going off of the chorus. Many people were weirded out by the strange voice in the chorus of the song. In the song "Problem", one could hear rapper Big Sean whispering, "I got one less problem without you." In "Focus", a man can be heard singing, "Focus on me."

For me personally, I do find the chorus quite odd and off-putting, but the rest of the song is good. Grande does the thing she's good at which is making a catchy song that shows off her impressive vocals. I also appreciate the fact that I can understand what she's singing in this song, as usually her diction is sorely lacking. This song will probably be a hit, but it would be nice to see Grande get out of her comfort zone on this new record. "Focus" sounds similar to many of her songs, but I could see why she wouldn't want to mess with her sound too much as it is what got her so popular to begin with.

As long as she keeps making catchy pop songs, Grande will keep getting attention. Just maybe next time she can leave the weird man voice at home when she's recording.


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