Alright, today's the day. After taking four years off from music, Adele is back with her new album "25", and it is quite glorious. Let's get into it.

To begin with, the songs are not hugely different. This album still sounds like an Adele album, and what I mean by that is that the album features big ballads, powerful vocals, and heart-wrenching lyrics. You know, the typical Adele style.

Although she didn't do anything drastically different on this album, especially compared to her previous album "21", I think this album has a different tone. Yes, the songs are still sad, and I did cry over a couple songs (See: Love in the Dark & All I Ask), but this album is more about moving on than it is about heartbreak. "21" was the album for when you're boyfriend of 2 years just broke up with you over the phone, and "25" is the album for when you're still sad about the breakup, but you also realize that Ben & Jerry's is a better substitute for your dumb boyfriend.

I think that's what I like most about this new record. It's not completely happy because no one is 100% happy in life, but Adele has grown and matured and she has learned a lot over the years.

In other aspects, I think the album is amazing lyrical wise. "Send My Love (To you New Lover)" has lyrics that back up my previous point. Adele points out that she still loves this person, but in her words they're "not kids no more". Other songs like "Love in the Dark" and "Million Years Ago" also have lyrics that just cut you to the core. Surprisingly, I think I can relate to the lyrics on this album more than I can on "21". It seems the four years Adele took off gained her a great deal of life experience. You can tell this album comes from the heart.

And finally, Adele can really sing. I know that's a shocker, so take a moment before you read on, but yes Adele has a phenomenal voice. I'm grateful that her previous surgery on her vocal cords did nothing to mess with the unique raspiness of her voice. Songs that are standouts for me that really showcase Adele's vocals are "Hello" and "When We Were Young".

If you're thinking about getting this album because Adele has not released her music on any streaming sites, then I recommend it. If not just to fit in with everyone who will eventually be talking about it at work on Monday, then because it is truly a beautiful, heartfelt and honest record. Adele put her all into this.

Tracks to listen for: "Million Years Ago", "All I Ask", "River Lea"
Tracks to skip: Don't skip any of them!


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