More New Songs!

I love Fall for many reasons, but one big reason is all the new music artists release. So here's seven new songs and my opinions on them!

1. Kiss Me // Olly Murs

I'm surprised by this song. The only word I can think of to describe it is funky. Usually I love Olly Murs because he is one of those musicians who can just make a good pop album. He doesn't get in on all of that music elitism stuff, he does what he's best at and that is some awesome bubblegum pop music. His music is fun, but wow this new song is just really funky. It's not a complete different sound, but it definitely is something I didn't expect to come from Murs. His music is expanding, and I like the direction its going in.

2. Hands to Myself // Selena Gomez

Now Selena Gomez just released a whole new album, but I'm only going to review one of the songs. "Hands to Myself" is a cool, modern song. I like how Gomez is kind of continuing the sound she had with the song "Good For You". She has such a light voice, and this song really complements her timid sound. Gomez definitely does not have the greatest voice, but she works around it to make a song that is trendy and current.

3. Love Me // The 1975

This song reminds me a bit of their song "Girls". The intro is definitely similar, but this record is a bit more rocky. Again, a slight difference from what The 1975 usually do. It's an interesting song, but nothing too revolutionary. I like The 1975 because their songs are usually weird, complex and intriguing.  This song was kind of lacking if I'm to be honest. (Also does anyone get alien vibes from this song??)

4. Stone Cold // Demi Lovato

I'm going to start this off by saying I usually love Demi Lovato, but I can't even get through this whole song. It reminds me a lot of her other song called "Nightingale". It's boring. There's nothing amazing about it. Her vocals are nice, but the lyrics seem simplistic, the melody is monotonous, and the song doesn't really get started till the two-minute mark. Lovato has made better ballads. Only redeeming part of the song is her note at the end, but it still doesn't really make me enjoy the song.

5. Heartbeat // Carrie Underwood

I don't know if I really talk about my love of Carrie Underwood on this blog that much, but wow I love her. Nothing too amazing about this song, but in my mind, Underwood can do no wrong. It's a great song that has the characteristics of a country song without being annoying. Her voice sounds flawless, and the whole track gives me a dreamy, summer night vibe. Love it.

6. Something in the Way You Move // Ellie Goulding

Ellie Goulding has been making hit after hit lately. Between this song and "On My Mind", I am very excited to listen to the rest of her new album. The beats and melodies in her songs make them so catchy and unforgettable. Goulding knows how to make good dance music, and she's been doing it consistently for years. Her voice and music make her unique and distinctive.

7. Little Mix // Hair

Little Mix have released a couple new songs over the past few days, but I think this one is my favorite. It's no surprise to anyone who has read my blog that I like Little Mix, and that I have had high hopes for this new album. I still haven't heard a song that has blown my breath away, but this one is so fun. It adds a lot of RnB and pop influence to the album, and it really shows how well these four girls' voices blend together. Love the little cash register 'ping' in the chorus as well, reminded me a lot of M.I.A's "Paper Planes". All around a fun song.


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