Artist Spotlight

I'm going to try to do a new type of post maybe once a month. I'm going to start taking suggestions from people on artists that I should listen to, and then I will make a post based on my first impression of the artist and the music.

For the first post, my roommate told me to check out Father John Misty. My first impression is that I like him, but I don't know why. His music is kind of weird to say the least. The titles to his songs seem romantic, but when you look at the raunchy and metaphorical lyrics, you realize that the titles don't really explain the songs well at all. Also some of the titles to his songs are so long that I feel like he's trying to be Fall Out Boy.

I'm not used to this genre of music being so explicit and candid. I feel like this music is making a point. Every song seems like it has a deeper message that is trying to come across. Without getting too into the meaning though, I like artists who put their all into their music. I think that's what Father John Misty does well.

He has a decent voice. It's nothing to marvel at, but it definitely fits with the acoustic vibe he's going for. Each song is different enough to be unique, but not enough to where it sounds like he doesn't know his sound. All in all, I like Father John Misty. My favorite thing is definitely his lyrics though. They paint stories in crazy, unimaginable ways.

I usually love the singer-songwriter genre, so it's really no shock, but I would listen to Father John Misty again.

Another new thing I'm going to start doing every Tuesday or Wednesday is making a "Song of the Week" post. Which pretty much just means I'm going to make a quick post about a song that I've been listening to that particular day. That way you guys can see what I'm listening to, and maybe find a song you can listen to for the week as well. Have a great week!


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