So I don't know if anyone knows this, but the queen (Jojo) is back and what a glorious return it has been. A couple weeks ago, Jojo dropped a 3-single EP called The Tringle. This EP is the first time Jojo has released music in eight years, and honestly I love the songs so much that it was worth the wait. Here are my thoughts on the songs, and the order in which I like them.

3. When Love Hurts

This one is my least favorite on The Tringle, but that doesn't mean that it is bad. It's a little too repetitive for me, but the beat helps the song not sound to contrived or over-produced. The little "oohs" at the end of the chorus help the song keep its fun and poppy vibe. Jojo's vocals are also spot on in this song. Great party and dancing song.

2. Say Love

This song has a completely different tone from the first. It's more emotional. The chorus feels like a punch to the gut. The music only helps to intensify the gut-wrenching lyrics. Also, Jojo sings her heart out at the end. To hear emotional depth like this from a studio version is remarkable. This song is the whole package.

1. Save My Soul

I am utterly obsessed with this song. It's as emotional as "Say Love", but it is still pretty upbeat. The catchiness of the chorus packed with the poignant lyrics make this song my favorite. No pop or RnB song that has come out this year has been better than this. Jojo makes it sound effortless and beautiful. "Save My Soul" starts out so simple, but by the end of the song you're hoping it will never end.


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