Adele is coming out with a new album...hopefully

So last time Adele came out with a new album the year was 2011. That was also the same year Prince William married Kate, Steve Jobs sadly passed away, and the Packers beat the Steelers at the Super Bowl. So, you know, it was awhile ago. Rumors have been circulating over the past couple years that Adele was finally coming back. After a surgery on her vocal chords and giving birth to her first child, Adele rightfully took a few years off from her world domination.

According to, the highly anticipated new album titled "25" is finally coming to fruition, and it's coming soon. The rumored release date is November 20th, and Adele is also rumored to have a huge deal with NBC that could include her having her own primetime special and time on shows like SNL. Because of my utter adoration for Adele, here are five things that I would love to see come out of this new album.

1. Adele showing off what she's good at. Singing. I always say you should never cover songs by Whitney Houston, Beyoncé, or Adele. She sings her songs in a way that only sound good if you have an enormous voice, and she makes it effortless.

2. I want to hear some lyrics that rip my heart out. I know that Adele now has a wonderful partner and child, but I love the lyrics that she sings about heartbreak. Hopefully, she can tap into some of her past crappy relationships, and pull out some depressing lyrics because that's the stuff I love.

3. I would love some power ballads. Yeah, Adele has some songs that are kind of funky and fun, but I love me some power ballads. Adele has a voice that should be singing songs like that as well. I'm going to need a Turning Tables 2.0.

4. Emotional. I need this album to make me feel every emotion under the sun. It needs to tap into my inner angst, but I'm also not opposed to it making me feel all lovey dovey. I want it to convey everything because that's what Adele songs are amazing at.

5. And finally I need the album to actually come out because I miss Adele, and I swear if it doesn't actually come out this year, I'm going to cry and never stop crying. So Adele please release your album soon because the world needs to hear it.


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