Drag Me Down

So if you haven't been too turned into the media lately, this super small little boy band just randomly dropped a single off of their new album. No big deal. Juuuuust kidding. If again, you are not so into pop culture, then maybe you don't know that this is the first music One Direction has released since the departure of their fifth member Zayn Malik. Malik left the band in mid March and as of a couple weeks ago is already signed to a new label.

One Direction on the other hand have shown that they can still thrive without Malik's dulcet voice."Drag Me Down" is their new single, and it makes me very excited for this upcoming album. Styles begins the song with his gravely voice, but most surprising are the notes that Payne sings during the chorus that really showcase his lower register. Every boy shines in this song. The vocal runs Styles sings at the end of the song though might be my favorite part.

The whole song has a more serious tone. Some previous One Direction songs have sounded forced or childish. This one is mature, smooth, and confident. The bass drop during the choruses only increases the intensity and feeling. I only had to listen to the song once to fall in love. Malik may have left the band, but I think One Direction are still here for awhile, and I think the rest of the world can agree seeing as this song is the band's highest debuting single. I cannot wait to hear the rest of the album if this is just a taste.


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