Black Magic

Hi guys! Today I wanted to talk about Little Mix's new single off of their yet to be released third album. The song is titled "Black Magic", and at first I was so confused by the song. To me, it didn't sound like Little Mix. It has more of a childish, poppy sound. Little Mix knew what they were doing though because I'm hooked. After listening to the song only twice, I was bouncing to the rhythm and trying and failing to sing the words. It's infectious.

Although I do enjoy the song, I still want more from this band. Their voices are phenomenal, their harmonies make me want to cry, and their lyrics are empowering. I want to see that in this new album. Yes, "Black Magic" is catchy and will probably do great on the radio and will help them get exposure, but I want to see depth. I want to see this new album show how talented they are.

At the end of "Black Magic", some of the ad-libs show the pipes that each one of these girls possess, but I'm hoping that this third album will showcase that even more. The new album titled "Get Weird" will be released November 6th, and I'm hoping "Black Magic" is just a taste of what is to come.

The Black Magic music video

And here's a video to show you how amazing these girls actually are


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