Mumford and Sons

This post has been a long time coming, and for that I apologize. This summer has made me lazier than I would have expected, but finally I am going to review Mumford and Sons new album "Wilder Mind". Now right off the bat I'm going to say that I like the record, and I don't like it. Confusing I know. But I do like the album. It's the kind of sound that me personally, I enjoy. It does give off a Coldplay-esque vibe. Less banjos more synthesizer.

I would say the same thing as in a previous post mentioning the debut single "Believe" that Marcus Mumford is what really sets the music apart from others. His raspy, soulfulness is what makes most of this record come alive for me. The writing style of the band is also one of my favorite things. Some of my favorite lyrics ever come from Mumford and Sons' songs, so I am very happy to note that this record has some really amazing one-liners and verses.

Now for what I don't like. This might sound childish, but I miss the banjos. I miss the Mumford and Sons' sound. Everyone knew that if they heard a banjo on the radio then it was probably Mumford and Sons. I liked that about them. The fact that they were so set in their sound. They knew exactly what kind of music they were going to make, and they made it spectacularly. It was unique. They were unique.

Now again, I still like the record. It sounds like half of the music I have on my iPod. Which shows the point that this album sounds like a lot of other bands. It's good, but nothing really original. I like the experiment of it all though. I understand a musician getting bored and wanting to expand his or her horizons, but sometimes you can't mess with perfection.

Tracks to listen for: "The Wolf", "Snake Eyes", "Ditmas", "Only Love"
Tracks to skip: "Broad-Shouldered Beasts", "Just Smoke"


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