Top songs from top artists

Hi guys! Summer has finally arrived for me, so hopefully that means more regular posts. I have some album reviews coming up, but for now I figured I would give you guys my top five favorite songs from certain artists. So here we go...

One Direction

5. Ready to Run (Four)

4. Through the Dark (Midnight Memories)

3. Stockholm Syndrome (Four)- This one is just so catchy. I mostly like the folk and soft pop songs that One Direction have produced, but this one is pure pop. I genuinely could not get this song out of my head.

2. 18 (Four)

1. Happily (Midnight Memories)- This song has been my number one favorite for years. It's such a cute, fun song that I immediately fell in love with. The 'Mumford & Sons' vibe I get from it just adds to why I am so obsessed.

Ed Sheeran

5. Bloodstream (X, Multiply)- The breakdown at the end of this song is one of my favorite things ever. This track is one that just pulls you in and compels you. It's around five minutes along, and I never notice the length. Super catchy as well.

4. Tenerife Sea (X, Multiply)

3. I'm a Mess (X, Multiply)

2. Photograph (X, Multiply)- The lyrics of this track make it one of my favorites. I feel the lyrics are so personal and unique. It makes the song that much more emotional and believable.

1. Give Me Love (+, Plus)


5. Honest (Coming Up For Air)

4. Better (Coming Up For Air)- This song comes from Kodaline's second album, and I find it the most emotional song off of the record. Ironically, I find this song more honest than the actual song 'Honest'.

3. Big Bad World (In a Perfect World)

2. All I Want (In a Perfect World)

1. High Hopes (In a Perfect World)- This song made me feel a multitude of emotions. It's very genuine, and I really enjoy how the song gets progressively more intense.

Taylor Swift

5. Blank Space (1989)- Taylor Swift finally did pop right in this song. It's super catchy, and I love how she pretty much makes fun of herself in the lyrics. It's a really fun, upbeat track.

4. Style (1989)

3. Long Live (Speak Now)- This song makes me nostalgic for my prom night. I love how this song isn't the typical love story. Every high schooler can relate to that feeling on being on top of the world, if even for one night.

2. Enchanted (Speak Now)

1. Haunted (Speak Now)

Carrie Underwood

5. Before He Cheats (Some Hearts)- This is one of the best country songs ever. Don't fight me on this. I just love how confident this song is, especially being on a debut album.

4. Two Black Cadillacs (Blown Away)

3. What Can I Say (Play On)

2. I Know You Won't (Carnival Ride)- The vocals on this track are what make it one of my favorites. It is insane to me how good Carrie Underwood is at singing.

1. Wasted (Some Hearts)

Well there you have it. Check out some of these songs, because they are some of my favorites. Now I only listed artists that I know the majority of their songs, but if you want to know about any other artists, comment below! Have a good week!


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