Years & Years

Hi guys!

Today I wanted to recommend an up-and-coming electronic trio from London. The group are named Years and Years, and I literally cannot stop listening to their music. They are becoming pretty popular in the UK with their first number one single titled "King".

At the beginning of the year, they topped BBC's poll the "Sound of 2015". I can see why they topped the poll because they have such a cool, contemporary sound. They do not have many songs out, as they only have a couple EPs released, but hopefully as their fame rises so does their song count. Personally, every song I have listened to I have liked, which is rare for a musical act to impress me this much.

The music is techno, but even if that's not your thing (it usually isn't mine), you should really still check them out. The lead singer, Olly Alexander, has a rkind of high and quirky voice that makes each song shine. A couple of my favorite tracks are "King", "Worship", and "Real". If I were you, I would definitely check out this rising group. Too good not to listen to.


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