So I don't know if any of you were aware, but this past Friday was the last episode of Glee. Now I know that Glee got quite bad towards the end, but I used to adore the show, and it really widened my musical horizons. Today I was going to list my top ten favorite Glee covers to celebrate the ending of the series, but it was literally too difficult for me, so instead I'm doing something a bit different. I'm going to list my top ten favorite solos Lea Michele, who played Rachel Berry, ever sang on the show. So here goes (these are in order):

10. Go Your Own Way (originally by Fleetwood Mac)

This song is so much fun. This might not be the best song that showcases Lea Michele's vocal range, but it shows that she can sing a lot more than just the typical ballad.

9. Taking Chances (originally by Celine Dion)

I really like when Lea Michele sings Celine Dion. It's just magic when she sings her songs. She's just on a stage and singing her heart out. It's honest and raw. Also wow, her voice is powerful.

8. What I Did For Love (originally from A Chorus Line)

This was always one of my favorite Rachel Berry songs. Again anytime she stands on a stage and belts, it's going to be good. This one is just especially great.

7. For Good (originally by Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth)

I know this isn't technically a solo, but it's from Wicked, so I have to include it. I just love this cover, because it showcases the friendship between Rachel and Kurt. It's a precious duet, and they both sing the heck out of the song.

6. Get It Right (original song)

I loved when Glee did original songs, but out of all the ones they did, this was definitely my favorite. At first, I honestly though this was Lea Michele's song. Her voice and passion make this song a hit.

5. It's All Coming Back to Me Now (originally by Celine Dion)

Another Celine Dion song that she just makes her own. The confidence with which she sings this song makes it one of my favorites. The vocals are also so crazy good.

4. To Love You More (originally by Celine Dion)

The way she sings this song just makes me want to cry every time. She has big shoes to fill with this song, and I think she accomplishes it spectacularly. Also that note at the end, when does she breathe??

3. Defying Gravity (originally by Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth)

It's a known fact that I love this song, but I just love how Michele makes this her own. Although this is not necessarily a solo, she has her own version of this song, and it is just as good. She also makes those high notes sound effortless.

2. Don't Rain on My Parade (originally by Barbara Streisand)

The fact that this is from season one is astounding. You can tell Michele has a broadway background. This song is intense, and it would have been my number one if it wasn't for the emotion emanating from the first song.

1. My Man (originally by Barbara Streisand)

This is Lea Michele at her very best. The emotion and range that she shows is breathtaking. I get chills every time. Please listen to this cover if nothing else.

So there you go! I hope this has inspired you to look up other Glee covers because there are some great ones out there. Just skip season five and six... Look out for another post from me sometime this week, as I'm on break, so I'll have more time to write. Until then, adios!


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