Throwback Albums

Thought that I would give you guys some of my favorite throwback CDs today. Many of the albums that I will mention I listened to so much that they would start skipping after awhile. So lay back and take a journey through the last 15 years or so:

1.) Kelly Clarkson's Breakaway (2004):

This record I listened to an unhealthy amount of time. This is Clarkson's second album, and it soars high and above her debut one. You can tell she's finding more of her sound in this one, and the writing is so well done it's scary. The emotion in this handful of songs is so powerful and real. I think that's why most girls went crazy over this record; they could relate to it, and "Breakaway" was just a stinkin' catchy song. If I could sum up the record in one word, it would be "angst", but wow does Clarkson make angst sound fantastic.

Tracks to listen for: "Gone", "Breakaway", "Behind These Hazel Eyes", "Since You Been Gone"
Tracks to skip: None, listen to them all

2.) Michelle Branch's The Spirit Room (2001):

This was another one that probably drove my parents crazy because I listened to it so much. Branch's songs just make me want to jam out. The lyrics are memorable, as I sang along to every word while writing this post, and each song is slightly unique, so it can appeal to many different tastes. I still really admire Branch today for being a different kind of singer during this time period where you had big, loud voices, and yet Branch still shined through. Her music is a testament to her talent, and I sincerely hope she makes a comeback, because I would so be front row at her concert.

Tracks to listen for: "Everywhere", "All You Wanted", "You Set Me Free", "Drop in the Ocean"
Tracks to skip: "You Get Me"

3.) Backstreet Boys' Black and Blue (2000)

This was my first ever CD. I'm crying over the nostalgia. It wouldn't be a true throwback discussion of music if you didn't include a boy band. My favorite boy band at the time was the Backstreet Boys. Back then, I just thought that they were cute, but now I can appreciate their amazing melodies and harmonies. This record especially stands out to me over their other ones because I think that they took the most risk on this one. It's edgier, and all around more fun. Also "The Call" is like one of the best songs ever made.

Tracks to listen for: "The Call", "Shape of my Heart", "I Promise You (With Everything I Am)" "More Than That"
Tracks to skip: "How Did I Fall in Love With You" "It's True"

4.) Shania Twain's Up! (2002):

Alright, now for a little country. I loved this record so much that I had the special edition, two disc one. This album is fun. Every time I listen to it, I feel like it immediately needs to be summer, and I need to be on a beach. I don't believe that any of the tracks on this record really push boundaries, but if people enjoy listening to upbeat, catchy songs, then this is the album for you. You won't be able to stop yourself from singing along.

Tracks to listen for: "Up!", "I'm Gonna Getcha Good", "Forever and For Always", "Nah!"
Tracks to skip: "Ka- Ching!", "Waiter! Bring Me Water!"

5.) Jojo's Jojo (2004):

I think Jojo released her albums at a bad time. Today, women are making huge strides in the R&B genre like Jhene Aiko and Jessie Ware. In 2004 though, Jojo was popular, but not massively so. I have no idea why her music didn't do better because this album is so amazing. Jojo actually has an insane voice, and her range is not too shabby as well. The songs do just what they intend to do: make you wanna dance. I honestly think if Jojo had of released this album today, it would possibly do better than eleven years ago, but that's just my opinion.

Tracks to listen for: "Breezy", "Leave (Get Out)", "Use My Shoulder"
Tracks to skip: ""Not That Kinda Girl", "Never Say Goodbye"

So, there you go. Check out some of these artists, and come cry over the nostalgia in the comments section if you would like!


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