Fifth Harmony's Reflection

Hi guys! Today's post is going to be an album review, so get excited. Fifth Harmony has just recently released their debut album titled Reflection, and let's put it this way, I'm so glad that I have purchased this one.

Now when I first heard Fifth Harmony, I listened to their first single "Miss Moving On", and I didn't really like it. It sounded immature, and I felt as if I had heard so many other songs that sounded similar to it. They released other songs like "Me & My Girls", and my opinion never really changed. I didn't expect much from them until they released "Bo$$". Girl power songs always make me happy, but this one was so different from their other stuff that it really blew me away. Just like "Bo$$", Reflection is different and more out of the box than Fifth Harmony's earlier songs. 

First of all, the vocals on this record are fantastic which isn't surprising coming from a group that was created on the X-Factor. I also love the throwback to older girl groups like Destiny's Child. The song "Brave Honest Beautiful" gave me nostalgic visions of singing "Bootylicious" karaoke-style with my best friend. "Worth It" is a track that also surprised me because it sounds so much more R&B than a lot of their more "bubblegum" pop songs. I feel like they took risks on this record. For a group who's just releasing their debut album, the music sounds like it's coming from an artist that's on their third or fourth. It's original, multi-faceted, and feels like a breath of fresh air from a group who was so rigid and commercialized at first. Take a listen and jam out. 

Tracks to listen for: "Top Down", "Bo$$", "Worth It", "Brave Honest Beautiful", "Reflection"
Tracks to skip: "Suga Mama", "This is How We Roll"


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