One Direction's Four

Sorry for the lack of a post last week. Finals week is kicking my butt. Today though I have another album review for the new record Four by One Direction. This review will also be track by track, but not including the songs on the deluxe edition, so here we go.

1. Steal My Girl- This one is catchy, I'll give it that, but I just don't think it fits with the rest of the album. It's less lyrically challenging, kind of cheesy, and a bit safe. I guess it works for the first single off of the record though because it sounds like previous One Direction songs. I just would have liked a fresh sound for the first single.

2. Ready to Run- This is one of my favorites. I love the few songs in One Direction's repertoire that have distinct folk undertones. I love the guitar throughout the whole song, the really nice harmonies that show off One Direction's vocal chops, and the meaning of the song in general. It's a nice change from some of their more cliché topics.

3. Where Do Broken Hearts Go- The boys sound amazing in this song. Vocals are really on point. The clapping in the chorus is one of my favorite parts oddly enough, and I love the heavy reliance on drums in this song. This tune will be one that will be really cool to see played in stadiums.

4. 18- This is my second favorite on the album. Ed Sheeran wrote it, so it's really no surprise why I like it. The lyrics are beautiful. I'm also 18 at the moment, so I like the fact that someone finally write a song about ages, and I was the actual age at the time (See Taylor Swift's 15 and 22). Again, the vocals are amazing. I think this is the best they have ever sounded, and I think this is their best ballad to date.

5. Girl Almighty- Oh, Girl Almighty...I didn't like this song at first. I think the lyrics are a bit weird, but after awhile, you just cannot not dance to this song. It's not my favorite, but if I want to jam, I'm turning Girl Almighty on.

6. Fool's Gold- This song makes me sad. It's a great tune, but I can feel the sadness and emotion bleeding through the song. Great music makes you feel something, and that is what this song accomplishes very well. I think the lyrics are fantastically written, and I just love how this song is very simple with not too much production behind it. A simple song with an overwhelming sadness.

7. Night Changes- I wish One Direction would pick better singles off of their records. Night Changes is the second single off of this record, and my feelings on this song are ehh. It's an alright song, but I feel nothing for it. If it wasn't a single, I would probably forget it was on the album. It's not a standout hit.

8. No Control- No Control is ridiculous. That is literally the first word that pops into my head when I think of this song. It's just plain fun, and it kind of sounds like the boys just went for it in this song. No holding back. Standout parts for me are the chorus because we get to hear a lot more of Louis' voice and the ending because Zayn sure does know how to sing.

9. Fireproof- I love this song. It's mellow, which means it's a bit of an odd fit for the rest of the record, but I genuinely like the sound of the song. Liam's vocals and falsetto really shine in this one, and the harmonies from all the boys are well done as well.

10. Spaces- I'm not sure on this song. It's not my favorite, but I feel like this song is a grower. In a couple weeks, I might change my mind and say it's one of the best on the album. At the moment though, it just kind of falls flat for me.

11. Stockholm Syndrome- I have been waiting for this song. I love this one so much. It's by far my favorite, and I literally listened to nothing but this song for a solid week. The chorus is going to get stuck in your head for months on end, and don't worry about the title of the song; it's only mentioned once. Listen to this one if you listen to nothing else.

12. Clouds- This one is a jam. Heavy instruments and a great arrangement make this song a hit. Just make sure you don't listen to this loudly with headphones in or you're going to blow out your ear drums. Really great vocals on this one as well.

And there we go. One Direction's Four is a genuinely good album. It's different from their previous three records, and I think that difference is for the better. It's more mature, and having listened to the album multiple times, I can now see the longevity that One Direction are trying to create. I think that they will succeed with that if they keep going in this direction.


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