Music Ask

Just as a little post to tide everyone over during the holidays, here is another music ask that is a bit more fun than my other ones. Next post will be about a new artist that I have been listening to lately, so get ready for that and happy holidays!
1:favorite band.
Mumford & Sons or The Arctic Monkeys
2:favorite singer.
Ed Sheeran or Ben Howard
3:favorite guitarist.
4:favorite bassist.
5:favorite drummer.
6:a musician you have a crush on.
Harry Styles, marry me
7:bands or musicians you've seen live.
Olly Murs, Demi Lovato, Little Mix, One Direction, Ed Sheeran, Fifth Harmony, Tenth Avenue North, Francesca Battistelli, and Sidewalk Prophets (Probably more, but I can't think)
8:your favorite song when you were 12.
One Step at a Time // Jordin Sparks
9:your favorite song when you were 15.
Someone Like You // Adele
10:your favorite song when you were 18.
Keep Your Head Up // Ben Howard
11:your favorite song now.
12:a song that says something about your love life.
To Be Alone // Hozier , lol
13:a song you listen to when you're sad.
I Gave You All // Mumford & Sons
14:a song that makes you dance.
Dance With me Tonight // Olly Murs
15:a powerful song.
Change // Carrie Underwood
16:a musician you'd like to meet.
Carrie Underwood, such an idol
17:a song that is a collaboration of 2 or more artists you love.
Latch // Disclosure ft. Sam Smith
18:favorite live dvd.
Lol, One Direction?
19:oldest band / musician you listen to.
20:favorite classical composer.
21. a band/musician your friend(s) like(s), but you hate.
Justin Bieber
22:a band/musician that someone/something made you hate.
I don't get this question, but I hate that song All About that Bass. Repetitive and annoying.
23:the musician you find the nicest.
Harry Styles, can I say him for everything?
24:the musician you find the most attractive looking.
Harry Styles, and I'll say someone else, uhhh Hozier rocks the long hair.
25:favorite album(s).
Every Kingdom and Plus are great.
26:favorite song which lasts more than 10 minutes.
Any Justin Timberlake song
27:a song that always makes you cry.
Oceans // Hillsong
8:a song that feels like it's made about you / for you.
Drunk in Love // Beyoncè , not really haha.
29:a song of one of your favorite bands/musicians that you'd show to someone to introduce the band/musician to them.
For Hozier, I would show Take Me to Church
30:a band/musician you loved, but now can't stand.
No one, once I love you there's no going back.
31:a band/musician you used to hate, but now love.
I used to love Taylor Swift, then I hated her, now I love her again. The saga continues.
32:a band/musician who made you listen to the kind of music you like most. (first one of the kind that you heard)
Ed Sheeran really got me into the singer-songwriter genre.
33:do you and your partner(s) / best friend(s) share music tastes?
My roommate and I have pretty similar music tastes. Mine is a bit more eclectic though.
34:a band / musician that both you and your parent(s) like.
My dad and I both like Luke Bryan.
35:a band / musician that made you meet someone you have loved.
I met this really crazy but cool chick at a Ed Sheeran concert?
36:song(s) that would be theme songs for your life or parts of it.
I want Crazy // Hunter Hayes
I Can't Lie // Maroon 5 (I'm a really bad liar)
37:a band / musician you'd like to see live, but it's never going to be possible.
Sam Smith; his tickets are always out of this world expensive.
38:the favorite music cd / dvd(s) you own.
Backstreet Boys // Black and Blue. This was also the first album that I had ever received. 
39:an album you want to own.
1989 // T. Swift
40:do you own any vinyls?
I have probably close to 50 vinyls.
41:a concert you could have attended and wanted to attend, but something made you not go. (e.g. health issues, work)
I was going to go to the 1975 concert, but no one would come with.
42:a musician you wish hadn't died.
Amy Winehouse. I'm still so saddened by her death.
43:a band / musician whose works helped you last through the day.
Florence + the Machine
44:a song you love to listen to when it snows.
Let it Snow?
45:a song you love to listen to when it rains.
Promise // Ben Howard
46:a song that makes you smile.
Something I Need // One Republic
47:a musician that shares similarities with you. (can be looks or personality or tastes)
Lea Michele and I have similar hair styles?
48:favorite song from a movie or favorite anime opening.
I See Fire // Ed Sheeran from the Hobbit
49:sure there is a language you don't listen to music in, but you have this one song or band / musician that you like anyway. what's that?
I listen to English artists.
50:the newest / youngest of the bands you like.
The new band I like is The Vamps.
51:your ringtone.
My main one is I See Fire // Ed Sheeran
52:your phone alarm.
Competition // Little Mix
53:a guilty pleasure song.
Partition // Beyoncè
54:a guilty pleasure band / musician.
One Direction
55:your favorite song in your mother language.
???? Give Me Love // Ed Sheeran
56:a song you listened to for laughs, but then actually loved it.
Whip My Hair // Willow Smith
57:your favorite picture of one of your favorite bands.
The picture where One Direction look like blue smurfs with pouffy hair.(Google it)
58:the song that is currently playing. if you're not listening to any, the last song you listened to.
Budapest // George Ezra
59:a song that you just can't stop humming / singing.
Stockholm Syndrome // One Direction
60:your favorite love song.
Photograph // Ed Sheeran


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