Taylor Swift's Studio Albums

So my last two posts have been album reviews, but I wanted to talk about Taylor Swift's new album, so I have decided to do something a bit different. I am going to rank Swift's albums from worst to best. Now disclaimer alert, this is just my opinion. Some of you might think that the one I rate the worst is the best and vice versa. Some of you might not even like Taylor Swift, but here is my thoughts on all five of her studio albums.

5. Red

Now one thing I can say about this album is that I love the two collaborations Swift puts on the record, but that's about it. I found this whole album all over the place and not in a good way. Swift has some really good radio hits from this record, but nothing that I would call good quality music or songwriting. I felt as if this album did not encompass the same amount of emotion as her previous albums did. I recognize the fact that a great deal of this album is Swift trying to change her sound, but I just don't think it quite accomplishes what she intended.

Tracks to listen for: "Begin Again" "Everything Has Changed" "The Last Time"
Tracks to skip: "I Knew You Were Trouble" "Holy Ground" "Stay, Stay, Stay"

4. Taylor Swift

This is Taylor Swift's self-titled debut album. I find this album charming, genuine, but a bit lack luster. I appreciate the fact that this album actually stays true to the country genre and has many qualities that make a good country album. To me though, the album reflects back on Swift's age. Many lyrics are immature and simple sounding, yet at the same time, I also vividly remember loving this record when I was a child. For the time period, I think it was a no brainer why this album was a hit.

Tracks to listen for: "Should've Said No" "Tim McGraw" "Tied Together With a Smile"
Tracks to skip: "Picture to Burn" "The Outside"

3. Fearless

Swift's second album goes third in my list because of many reasons. This album for me has always been good yet not amazingly good. It has some catchy songs, yet I could not name every song on this album. There are some standout lyrics and some that are left forgotten. Not to discredit this record and the work that was put into it, but I have seen better work come from Swift. On this album, you can still hear Swift trying to find her sound (and genre). It is a good record that shows Swift's growth as a musician and songwriter.

Tracks to listen for: "Forever and Always" "The Way I Loved You" "White Horse"
Tracks to skip: "The Best Day" "Change" "Hey Stephen"

2. 1989

Now I have to admit, I'm not a fan of every single song on this album, but I love it for what it stands for. Swift has finally completed her journey into the pop genre, and it is as marvelous as I had hoped. You can tell from listening to this record that Swift has made a cohesive piece of art that she is truly proud of. It is a collection that I feel like should be called Fearless instead of 1989 because it seems as if Swift just made whatever songs that she wanted. It works though. 1989 has every aspect a great pop record should have; the songs are all radio length, the lyrics are catchy as hell, and all the beats are rhythmic and just plain make you wanna dance. This record is definitely a milestone in Swift's career.

Tracks to listen for: "Style" "I Know Places" "Wonderland"
Tracks to skip: "Welcome to New York" "Bad Blood"

1. Drum roll please....
Speak Now!

I love this album. I want this album played everywhere, at anytime, at all times. It's a bit strange because I love the fact that 1989 is such a good pop record and is radio friendly, but I love Speak Now because it's generally less of a radio friendly record. Yes, Swift had successful singles off of this record, but there are also 6 minute songs where Swift pours her heart out. This album I feel like really encompasses emotion more than any of Swift's previous records. When a song can make me cry again and again, I know it conveys emotion well. Speak Now is a record that Swift put her all into. Writing about your exes can be repetitive and annoying but on this album, I just find it so genuine. There are also really playful songs on this record that round it out. As a whole, I'm obsessed and will definitely be listening to the songs on Speak Now for a very long time.

Tracks to listen for: "Enchanted" "Haunted" "Long Live" "Last Kiss" "Speak Now"
Tracks to skip: "Dear John"

And bonus, my favorite Taylor Swift song is Haunted, so check it out!


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