Critiquing music. Is it a thing?

So, a couple weeks ago I saw a post on Tumblr that sort of made me re-think things. It kind of went like this:

Music critic hates your favorite artist's new album: Well, music is all opinion based. Who are you to say one collection of sounds is better than another collection of sounds.

Music critic praises your favorite artist's new album: YAAAAAAAS. YOU LOVE THAT ALBUM. ISN'T IT GREAT????

Now at the time, I laughed when I saw this post. This is so me, but then I got to thinking. What am I doing making a blog critiquing music when music is all opinion based? Do I have the right to say what's good and what isn't? I've thought a lot about this and came up with kind of a non answer.

I still think that music is all opinion based, but people have their favorite types of music. Many critics hold the indie genre in high regard while the pop genre is known to be terrible. So to me music is just considered better because of what genre it is in. Also, talent plays a big part in whether music is good or not. If the lyrics are written well and the vocals are well done, then I believe that it is a good piece of art. Critics are never 100% right with their critique though. That's why you need to take every music critique with a grain of salt. I still think it's fun to talk about music, because I like to state my opinion. I never want my opinion to negatively affect an artist's work though. All music is music. It's an expression of someone's self, and I don't know if that can ever be bad.

So what do you guys think? Leave a comment with your opinion. I'm always open to discussion.


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