Change is a Good and Needed Thing

So a cool thing happened to me last week. At the moment, I live in Chicago. I go to school here, and I  am studying journalism. As part of my class, I had to interview a journalist in the area that I admired. I'm not from Chicago originally, so to be honest, I had no idea who I was going to ask.

I ended up going to the Chicago Tribune's website and going through their top writers. I noticed that they had a music critic on staff, and if you are reading this post, you should know that I want to do something with writing and music. I did not think that this critic would email me back. I wanted to interview him, but I thought I had aimed too high; I mean he had 18 thousand followers on Twitter.

He ended up emailing me back two hours later. I almost peed my pants with excitement. Talking with him gave me a massively new perspective on my writing. He told me that I had to love writing. It's a 24/7 job because your brain never shuts off. You are always thinking, reading, writing, living. He told me that if this was my one true passion, I had to work for it. It's hard work, but it's worth it.

So I'm taking this advice to heart. I'm going to try to post more regularly on this blog. I am going to work really hard to bring quality music critiques and discussions. So starting now, this blog is getting a makeover. More posts, less fluff. Some stuff to look forward to is a review of Ben Howard's new album, my top ten favorite albums, and a discussion on genres of music. Tune in regularly to catch them!


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