Ben Howard's "I Forget Where We Were"

So again as promised, here is a review of Ben Howard's new album, I Forget Where We Were. Now if you can remember, Ben Howard was one of the first artists that I made a post about on this blog. I have loved Howard's music for many years, but I was upset by the fact that he had not put out new music for quite some time. Howard's debut album, Every Kingdom, came out in 2011, so this new album had been a long time coming. I'm thankful that I was not disappointed. Where Every Kingdom has a distinct folky sound that is all around happy, I Forget Where We Were shows another side to Howard. This album still has a great deal of folk undertones, but it also shows the versatility in Howard. The sadness the emanates from these songs is so powerful and haunting. I love the fact that you can tell that Howard did not hold back while creating this record. It is honest, different, and refreshing. Not all the songs display this overwhelming sadness though. Songs like "She Treats Me Well" and "Evergreen" tell stories of a great love. All in all though, Ben Howard's sophomore album is a diverse album that shows the duality of Howard's music making abilities.

Key Tracks: "I Forget Where We Were" "End of the Affair" "She Treats Me Well" "Small Things"


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