Album review today for Ed Sheeran's sophomore album, Multiply. Personally I adore it, but I am a bit biased. I would love any album of Ed Sheeran's even if he was just singing the telephone book. In all actuality though, the album is a step out of Ed's comfort zone with his previous album, Plus, being such a singer-songwriter album. Multiply has tracks ranging from hip-hop to catchy radio songs. Ed Sheeran has definitely shown he has longevity with this new album as well as being fluid in the kind of music he makes. Now here's a quick track by track review for those that are hesitant in getting the full album (you still should buy the full album though):

1. One: I find it ironic the first track on the record is called one, but I digress, One is what I would expect from Ed Sheeran. It is slow, full of meaning, and passionate. Now just cause this song is predictable doesn't mean that it's any less amazing. There is a reason Plus did so well in the first place.

2. I'm a Mess: This song is one of my favorites on the album. It is incredibly catchy, and the breakdown at the end is really moving. Ed Sheeran has a way of singing his emotions so vividly. You feel for him.

3. Sing: Sing is the first single of the record, and I believe it was an amazing strategy. Sing is vastly different from the normal Ed Sheeran brand, and it works. Pharrell worked on this record as well, so it is obvious that it is going to me a major hit. Sing shows the true genius that is Ed Sheeran.

4. Don't: Well dang. Whoever this song is about, I feel sorry for them because Ed pours out everything. I don't know if I have ever heard of an artist being so honest. It is kind of refreshing. Ed is a storyteller, and he is dang good at it in this song.

5. Nina: I didn't like this song at first. I still don't really know if I like it, but it has grown on me. The tune is a bit off for me, but I love again how honest and vulnerable Ed has made himself in this song.

6. Photograph: Photograph is the love song of the century. It is hard for me to make it through the whole song without crying. You can just tell how emotionally invested Ed Sheeran is with this person, and it is a beautiful thing to be apart of. "You won't ever be alone, wait for me to come home" Let me die.

7. Bloodstream: This song is a jam. I got the tune of it stuck in my head for two days straight, so forewarning all future listeners. This song also has a really great breakdown towards the end, and again it is just so dang catchy. I'm obsessed.

8. Tenerife Sea: Beautiful is the only word that I can think of to encompass this song. It reminds me of love that is so innocent and pure. "Should this be the last thing I see, I want you to know it's enough for me" Ed has created a song that is purely based on love.

9. Runaway: Runaway is almost as catchy as "Bloodstream". The song is completely different from what you'd expect from Ed Sheeran, and it works brilliantly well. The chorus is something that you'll be singing in your head for weeks.

10. The Man: The Man is mostly rap, so most people would assume the topic of the song would be casual and a tad shallow, but Ed somehow turns a rap song into heartbreak. He paints a tale of lost love, and the end verse will literally break your heart.

11. Thinking Out Loud: This song is a bit different as well, but it is not as catchy. I've learned to like it more, but you need to focus more on the lyrics rather than the backing track. The vocals on this song though are superb.

12. Afire Love: This song is a heart-wrencher. It handles some heavy topics, but is done in a beautifully poetic way. The ending of the song is hauntingly wonderful, and it definitely makes a statement.

13. Take It Back: I'm not sure about this song. It focuses on some really interesting views, but the hook doesn't do a lot for me. The lyrics though are as always, exceptional.

14. Shirtsleeves: This song reminds me of Ed Sheeran. It has the typical sound, as well as the quirky lyrics. It's a cute song, but it's not my favorite.

15. Even My Dad Does Sometimes: If the first line doesn't get you, then you're not human. Sorry those are the rules. This song is so emotional and thought-provoking. It brings the album to a quiet finish.

"I See Fire" and "All of the Stars" are also on the album, but I figured I would just review the new songs. So there you go. Tomorrow if nothing happens *knocks on wood* I will be reviewing Sam Smith's debut album, "In the Lonely Hour". All in all though, Multiply is a fantastic record that really shows how versatile Ed Sheeran actually is.


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