My brother told me awhile ago that he did not like going to concerts. When asked why, he replied that he did not like the big crowds, busy traffic, and the fact that most people sound worse live. He did not see the point of going to see someone in concert when you could just stay at home and listen to their album instead. All of these things, at the time, were valid points. I started to think to myself why I loved going to concerts so much, and I came up with some things.

1. You are in a place with people who love the music as much as you do, and it is a wonderful feeling to freak out with random strangers.

2. Some artists are amazing live. Now when I say this I don't just mean their vocals (even though that is very important to me), but I mean their stage presence. Certain artists can just command a room.

3. You have a chance to be seen by the musician. Now this point might seem a bit silly, but when I went to the Carrie Underwood concert, she had a moving stage, and I swear to god she looked right at me and waved. In all seriousness though, it is exciting to see your favorite artist in person, even if they might just see you as an ant in the crowd.

4. Special Guests. Some artists (a lot of the time rappers) sometimes surprise their fans with special guests that pop out in the middle of shows. You wouldn't get to see that staying in your bedroom.

5. The feeling you get at a concert is indescribable. If you have been to a concert, you know what I'm talking about hopefully. When you are in the middle of a crowd, and you are waving a lighter (or probably cell phone) and you are screaming lyrics at the top of your lungs, you feel infinite (sorry to quote Perks of Being a Wallflower). It is perfect.

I remember the best moment I have ever had at a concert  was at Ed Sheeran's concert last year. It was during his cover of Wayfaring Stranger, and I remember annoying my parents because I listened to his cover so much that I brought even my ipod to the dinner table. During the middle of the song, Ed just dropped his mic, and due to the acoustics of the building we were in, he was able to be heard even in the back. Everyone was silent. It was unreal, and definitely something I will never forget. Soooooo, I wanna hear from you guys. Do you think my brother is right and that concerts are just a waste of money and time, or do you love concerts as much as I do? Write a comment telling me your opinion!


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